Roland GO:MIXER A Pocket Mixer For Mobile Music Making

Roland has introduced GO:MIXER, a portable audio mixer, designed for use with mobile devices.

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, GO:MIXER connects digitally via an included cable, providing stereo sound that they say is a marked upgrade over phones built-in mono mic or analog line inputs. 

GO:MIXER supports connecting up to five sources at once via inputs for a vocal mic, guitar/bass, stereo keyboard, and two stereo line-level devices (such as music players, drum machines, etc.). Front-panel knobs provide hands-on mixing for the mic and instruments. There’s a stereo output jack for monitoring the sound via headphones or an external amplification system, plus a dedicated panel knob for adjusting the monitor level.

GO:MIXER is powered by the smartphone connection, so no batteries are required. And it’s 3.75 inches (95 mm) square and 1.1 inches (28 mm) tall, so it’s very portable.

Pricing and Availability

GO:MIXER is priced at US $99. Availability is to be announced.

26 thoughts on “Roland GO:MIXER A Pocket Mixer For Mobile Music Making

  1. Looks reasonably full-featured for the price. Now I can hop off my cruiser bike, and whip this out of my saddle bag and start remixing in a sunny park (taking a momentary break to sip some herbal tea). Later, on, I can master my remixes on a subway train, then go into a club and play my mastered remixes for a thumping club of adoring fans.

  2. I would think about it if the price was something like £35, for £99 no way Jose.. Ultra expensive for such a cheap plastic 3 knob thingy

    1. But considering the feature set (5 discrete inputs) and 2 (or 4?) outs (it’s not clear). This is comparable to some pricier units. However, I would much rather spend a little extra and have MIDI din i/o and only 2 in 2 out.

    1. It would be pretty rad if Korg tied in their motion sequencing into a little mixer, so you could easily automate any knob you wanted on a loop synced to the BPM’s of the Volcas or whatever.

  3. If street is more like 75-80, this seems like it could be a good deal for the Volca/PO/iOS/etc mobile nerds among us. It also seems like they’re basically taking Korg’s money at this point.

  4. Glad to see this. Been looking for something like this for too long. And affordable. Good on Roland for starting to listen to the consumer, apparently..

  5. so will this work on a PC as well as a phone/tablet? it would be cool since my laptop has no line in and I wouldn’t need to lug an external soundcard around

  6. what would be cooler is 4 1/8 inch stereo in jacks (or even more) so you can have a real jam fest with a few persons, not 2 or 3

    Electronically not that hard for a fixed level mixer (Craig Anderton project)

  7. Can a person connect a USB battery to it and use it without a smartphone or tablet?
    I usually think of a mixer as something that does not require an outside CPU to function.
    If not, I would call it an audio interface.
    Seems like it will be good for some users.

  8. This is honestly pretty cool and I will probably pick one up if only to hammer out quick instagram music clips (instead of just using the hollow sounding internal mics)/quickly sample stuff for noodling on the train with IOS apps.


  9. This is sincerely truly cool and I will likely lift one up if just to pound out fast instagram music cuts (rather than simply utilizing the empty sounding interior mics)/rapidly test stuff for noodling on the prepare with IOS applications. If you want download all latest music for free, you get it from setbeat app. Setbeat is an application available for Android and iOS devices to download all latest music for free. You can download setbeat app from

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