How To Make DIY Cassette Tape Loops

This video, via Amulets, demonstrates his approach to making DIY cassette tape loops.

Amulets is the solo project of Austin-based audio + visual artist Randall Taylor. Taylor uses handmade cassette tape loops and live processed guitar loops to create immersive ambient soundscapes. 

Here’s what Taylor has to say about the video:

Many people have asked about tape loops and how to do it themselves, so here is my long overdue video on how to make a cassette tape loop. In this video, I show you the basics of tape looping and the method I personally use to making my loops (there are many variations out there). You can use any tape (with screws) you want. Be patient, experiment, and don’t get too frustrated – there is a lot of trial and error involved.

Here’s an example of his music, combining cassette loops with improvised guitar looping:

via cdm

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