Korg Intros Limited Edition Versions Of Kronos, Krome & MS-20 Mini

Ahead of the 2017 NAMM Show, Korg has announced three new limited edition models: Kronos Gold, Krome Platinum series, and MS-20 mini White Monotone.

The Korg MS-20 mini, which reproduced the classic MS-20 at 86% of the original size, is now available in a limited-edition White Monotone color, shown above. This model is the first new color to appear in the nearly 40 years since the original unit went on sale in 1978.

This new model features a clean white monotone for the front panel and knobs, while retaining the same circuitry, 5-pin MIDI, and USB MIDI of the original MS-20 mini.

The KRONOS 88-key keyboard workstation is now available in a special limited edition run of 100 units in a gold brushed aluminum body and sunburst wood side panels.

Kronos Gold also offers the latest Kronos Operating System, featuring instant split and layer via quick-access touchscreen commands.



Finally, Korg’s workhorse Krome Workstation is now available in a platinum color.

Pricing and Availability

Korg’s new limited edition products will debut at the Korg USA booth #6440 at the Winter NAMM Show, alongside other Korg product announcements and first-looks. Kronos Gold, Krome Platinum series and MS-20 mini White Monotone will be available in February at the same prices as the original versions. See the Korg site for details.


21 thoughts on “Korg Intros Limited Edition Versions Of Kronos, Krome & MS-20 Mini

    1. I agree, the half black just looks tacky (imo). I understand it’s cheaper for KORG to just reuse the black pieces and throw a white faceplate and some white knobs on it… but it would have looked absolutely killer in all white.

  1. So the KORG sales folk clearly believe there’s a large number of potential customers who didn’t buy the current hardware because it was the wrong colour??!

    I do hope they actually do announce something innovative and new…

    That said, the promise of KORG Gadget on OSX made my day 🙂

    1. Seems to be a trend lately with synths… making different color options available. I’m sure some people like it, but I could care less about flashy colors. I like my synths like the color of my soul, black. Although, an ALL white MS-20 Mini would have been sweet. Or clear! I’m a sucker for clear electronics. That all black (including keys) Microkorg Plus they put out a while back was beautiful.

    1. Korg has been killing it for a while now. They are probably taking a smoke break. I never understand the guy who jumps at the opportunity to grab a limited edition colored piece of music gear, yet they still exist.

  2. I can’t diss KORG too much because they have been releasing some great new synths in the recent years, but these offerings sort of bore me. The Monologue is really cool though. I wonder if they have anything up their sleeves for NAMM?

  3. Odyssey Full Size built here and Gadget for Mac are both great news. Colors are cool. I didn’t think I liked the Moog Slim Phatty in white until I saw one in person. Ended up with four of them! Not for the color, but for the functions, which are stellar. Of the big three Japanese synth companies, I think Korg is making the most consumer driven choices. They understand the market and do even their cheap stuff pretty well, for a large company. I’m excited for the future.

  4. they could have at least chosen the same color for the keys and the panel… this seems like a bit of a design fail to me. All white would have been great, but this feels like the minimum effort to do something “new”

  5. I hope the circuit boards are white as well, because that’ll make it really dope and it’ll definitely sound and perform better!!

  6. What an interesting political climate in which to celebrate the exciting release of a new white face on a synth that’s looked and sounded great in black for almost 40 years!

  7. Also KOrG: could anything be more F-ing obvious than making an Ms20-M mini (without keys) wth a voltage converter on it for like $400 or so? Who here wouldn’t buy that?!

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