Vangelis’ Blade Runner Lead On The Behringer DeepMind 12

This video, via GEOSynths, demonstrates a take on the iconic Vangelis ‘Blade Runner Brass’ patch, using the Behringer DeepMind 12.

Here’s what GEOSynths has to say about the video:

As well as Pads, I always try to make the Vangelis Lead from Blade Runner, to see how close I can get it.

I pretty much nailed it for the OB6 and am probably about 90% there on the DeepMind 12…Closer than I thought it would get, as the sound is all about how 2 Oscillators (Saw) interact with each other.

29 thoughts on “Vangelis’ Blade Runner Lead On The Behringer DeepMind 12

  1. God it sounds really good ! The potential of this synth is incredible for its price. Behringer really is playing at a higher level than before. Haters gonna hate but this synth is dope !

  2. Beautiful tone. The more I hear of this synth the more i like it. Will get the desktop when it comes. Interms of the patch: A little too much osc. drift and LFO for my tastes and i would like to hear a larger decay to the reverb, but the DM12 is an absolute game-changer.

    1. Yes, there is a munchkin version as well and it sells for 0$
      Seriously though, you don’t know anything about it, do you?
      Google it, before posting please 😉

      1. Why should he google it before posting? This is as good a place to get information about synths as anywhere else. What a shitty reply

  3. I thought the synth aims at 1000 euros. Now i see it at Thomann for 1200. I know you will say it is cheap compared to others but still. 1200 is not 1000 somehow. now i know that it moved out of my reach

    1. How can people live in Europe and not know now VAT works?

      €1,198 Price includes VAT and free thomann shipping (where applicable)

      So yes, it’s about 1000 Euro, but you have to pay your taxes. The price in the US is $999 – but before taxes and shipping.

      1. Umm. Prices are listed as VAT-inclusive. If a synth is advertised in a shop for €1000, you don’t expect to pay €1190. That’s the way things are done in the USA, where state tax is added to the price at the register.

        1. Of course because: 1- the currency, although the value is close, isn’t the same, 2- the taxes we pay in Europe are around 20% when in the US they tend to revolve around 14/15%. But if you are tempted to buy from a US store and live in Europe, you will pay the shipping and tax that the store will eventually apply, AND pay for the European tax as well so you will end up with a saltier price.

        2. US sales tax ranges from 0% to 10% depending on what state, county and city you live in. German VAT tax is 19%. The pricing is entirely consistent within that. The difference in price is entirely due to the VAT markup. If you don’t like it, move to a country that doesn’t have VAT tax. You’ll probably get fewer social services and safety net etc, but you’ll be able to pay less sales tax on synths.

          BTW, shipping on big ticket electronics items in the US is almost always “free”, meaning it’s included in the listed price, so that’s not a distinguishing factor as another poster here thought. Also, it’s certainly possible to completely avoid sales tax by ordering by mail from a company based in another state which has no “business presence” in your own state. However, you are then usually legally required to submit the taxes on your own to your home state. Most people don’t do this, but it is a crime not to do so.

    2. I was as disappointed as you when I saw the European price. Unfortunately, Thomann seems to be the only reseller that actually receives the first batch. I contacted the retailers in France to check the availability and nothing before June 🙁
      So yeah, it’s another 198€ out of the pocket but it’s the goddamn tax (999 x 1,20 = 1198,80) and every other retailer displays the same price anyway. I think it’s still worth it. It’s never easy to pay that much money but this synth is a great instrument with unprecedented tones. I doubt any owner would regret it.

  4. Was totally set on hating this synth but that sounds pretty cool to me (lots of potential!). Nicer than a Prophet 08 to my ears…

  5. The more demos I watch of this synth, the more I want to get my OBXA out of storage and have it serviced. But in reality it would probably make more sense to just buy the Deepmind 12. I miss having an organic, lush, and lively poly that inspires. These demos are really rubbing it in.

  6. I watched the sonic state demo and he notices the build quality is pretty low and the wifi wasn’t working. Said that bento get is working on that. Kind of made me skeptical since he is demoing a demo unit. That’s cool at NAMM but not when it’s months away from distribution. The buttons looked like they could easily be broken, the faders wobbled. Said the fan was loud too but you can control fan speed? Like why would I turn the fan down or off on a synth that has a fan. What is it cooling and how long will it take for the processor to heat up and break down. I’m loving the wound but it may be good to wait it out a bit.

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