Real Wood Side Panels For Arturia DrumBrute

GMUSynth has announced that it is now making custom hardwood end panels for the Arturia DrumBrute analog drum machine. 

The custom end cheeks are made in a variety of woods and finishes. The panels are rough cut using a CNC machine, then finished by hand. The striking chamfers that are a hallmark of Arturia design and seen on many of their products are reproduced here with hand planes…the same way they would have been done 100 years ago.

Pricing and Availability

Real wood side panels are available now for the Arturia DrumBrute, in a variety of different woods and finishes. Pricing starts at US $55.

21 thoughts on “Real Wood Side Panels For Arturia DrumBrute

    1. You wouldn’t know the plastic was plastic without getting up close and personal so I don’t see how that affects the “look” of real wood sides over laminate (which is standard)

      vegas mode can be switched off…. the other lights are standard on most synths.

      Some people like wood. Move on. x

    2. Yes, the wood doesn’t match the colors. I would buy real plastic side panels like they have them on the MiniBrute.

  1. While their at it they should build Real Wood replacements for the Fake Wood on the Minibrute SE. When it came out i went to buy it. When i saw it up close i had a strange feeling. I then realized that it is not real wood. So i left the shop. Without the synth. I don`t have a problem with plastic devices. But Fake Wood trying to be wood for cosmetic reasons is a no go. Just my opinion i hope no one is insulted

    1. Yeah, you are correct, who cares about the sound and features anyway, its’s all about “looks” these days.
      It doesn’t matter that the instrument in question is feature packed and amazing sounding, but the synthetic wooden panels for SYNTHESISER (meaning NOT real) that are not real wood? that’s totally unacceptable… LOL and sarcasm

      1. No its not just about looks its about buying a piece of kit that feels solid and will last you while, not buying massively produced pieces of junk that only fullfill some poeples pockets

      2. I hope you are as smart as you are prejudiced and fast to judge. Re-spect! I already had a Minibrute and wanted to sell it cause i liked the looks of the SE and the fact of the Arpeggiator. If it was made exactly like the normal version i would still consider it cause of the Arpeggiator. But when i see things like this i thought that i lost my appetite. Like plastic made, faking aluminum lids on black iron rims. “As long as it looks like it`s super sporty Aluminum it`s ok. Even if it`s fake. I mean a wheels job is to be spinning not how it looks. It also reminds me of guys who loose their hair and put a wig on their head cause they simply don`t want to accept that it`s happening and want to look as if nothing happened all fancy Magazine style when Kojak is the coolest. So if you offer me a wig i will prefer loosing my hair if the time comes. But you knew all of that since you so eagerly defend the “true values of synthesis” since you are the only one who really cares about sound and deep values. You as the gatekeeper to superficial people like me. With your Wig gone with the wind (smile)

  2. These guys are totally underselling these; if they raised the price to $550 (or $5500) and started telling people the mod makes the drum machine sound “fuller” and “clearer” they’d sell like hotcakes. 😉

  3. There is very little function to metal chassis and real wood on a synth these days. We aren’t dealing with the same fragile components that were being used in the 60s, 70s, and 80s in electronics.

    Plastic is just fine for me if it helps keep the costs down. If I need to take something on the road, I’ll buy a flight case or pack a box full of padding or whatever.

  4. funny i thought they came stock with real wood! yeah, if i got this unit i would be tempted to get the real wood and replace the knobs with cooler ones, i think the knobs make it look cheap. but all the aesthetics aside, every sound example i’ve heard from this unit has been amazing, and it’s a drum machine, not sculpture so…

  5. To provide a different perspective, I had some custom wooden end panels made by GMUsynth in black walnut for a very rare drum synth unit (Maxim MDS-500 – Simmons SDS-5 Japanese clone), and the workmanship was incredible (similar to Goike quality – who I am also a customer of) and really friendly and quick service. He cloned the laminate fiberboard ones in real wood. The price of these sides are a steal for what they are. While the comments here are humorous, I wanted to chime in to say that GMUsynth offer a great service/products for those who want quality wooden end panels (which it sounds like the readers above are not in the market for, which is what it is). 🙂

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