Elektron Bringing Something New To NAMM

Elektron is teasing ‘something new’ ahead of the 2017 NAMM Show, being heldย January 19-22, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA.ย 

They haven’t released any details – but the blurry-cam photo suggests that there are lots of blinkenlights involved.

Got ideas on whatย you think they’re going to introduce – or what you’d like to see them introduce? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

92 thoughts on “Elektron Bringing Something New To NAMM

  1. I bet their photographer finally got those glasses he so desperately needs.

    Serious though – no months long teasing adventure, no crazy unrelated video.. makes me wonder what they’re going to release here. May not be as exciting as we think (but I hope so).

        1. I think got the point, then lost it, now I can’t find the point? The original point must have had a point? But the point is is that nobody got the point because I don’t think there was any point to begin with, only Percivale knows what point he was making by stating what’s the point? There actually might be a great point…I guess we will find out when Namm opens in a few days? Can’t wait.

    1. Complicated and complex are different things…. HEAT for eg could not be less complicated and there other hardware generally gives back what you put in…. they can be simple (as long as the user is not simple and can understand a manual) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I honestly cant believe how blurry that photograph is, the photography wants shooting!

    Talk about poor Marketing. I hope the rest of the campaign is not this armature

    1. they have a sampler still selling well and have never made anything redundant in the past or even allowed crossover (rytm plays samples but wont sample, ot sequnces midi, a4 defiantly only CV)…. more likely and logical to to replace the recently discontinued stuff or something to compliment the new line of processor boxes….

      Also they’d be daft to go head to head with akai amongst all the hype there getting, so id imagine a new sampler to b e all elektron rather than MPC style.

      I see this to be something a little more safe….Personally i hope it a p lockable fx unit with a dedicated sequencer in the price range of heat.

    1. Yeah elektron are idiots. They literally have no idea what they are doing. I mean, c’mon… those awesome machines and that amazingly useful free software!!!? What a bunch of jerks

  3. “Hey, we know you’ve all been enjoying that new MPC Live down the hall, but we know what you REALLY want is to work on a sampler with a green LED screen like the 1000, only smaller!”
    This would not be an opportune time for Elektron to put out another production sampler.

  4. I would love to see a midi sequencer. The elektron sequencer is so amazing it seems like a no brainer. It should do several channels. Midi, CV, and USB midi as well as volca style sync. Also it should have 10 encoders for parameter locking. Oh and don’t forget the swing editing. Throw in an arpeggiator, envelopes and lfos. And don’t forget the bluetooth, and some aftertouch.

  5. A recent Twitter post said “Keep Cool…” So given Heat, I believe this puts it as another effects box. But if distortion heats up a signal, what effects cool a signal??… Modulation? Compression?

    1. If that’s the clue, I say a reverb/delay type unit… thing things like H6, but like Elektron, turned to 11 with crazy modulations, overbridge, etc…

      Cool makes me think of reverb/delay terms like “shimmer” or “freeze”…

      That’s my guess!

    1. The moment you give in and purchase the Analog Heat, then you reaize you have some pretty sweet lfo’s, an easy way to master multiple signals, and a form of sidechain compression with the envelope generator, AND multiple forms of distortion from subtle to extra crunchy. To call it a 750 distortion pedal is pretty absurd. Especially when its 719 dollars and functions as a multi FX unit of the highest quality. Strymon Big sky is just a 500 reverb unit or the highest quality.

      1. in case your unsure, STEREO in this context means left and right instead of just centre…. 2 processes rather than one…. This means you can pan sounds with an lfo for eg. This means that everything including the analog distortion and the filters need to be stereo too, its not jus about the connections on the back….

        This not your thing? no problem, but it is certainly something producers/engineers/sound designers want and need. often People that dont spend there time pushing or liking snide and inaccurate information on the internet.

    2. why not as an idea…. go check the specs with a non judgmental mind so you can actually take it in, before waffling clueless nonsense for the masses.

      whilst your at it, show us a better option for a similar price…. niio iotene core comes closest and oh check out that price.

  6. It’s a shame they are making all these useless pedals now. The market was already saturated with these things. I’m not sure what happened to this company but their vision has been impaired. Akai on the other hand….

    1. I did not know there was so many multi distortion stereo pedals with lfos, filtering and modulation with midi and cv inputs. What are the others?

  7. i hate teasers, they’re such a tease. i’m excited to see what this is though. someone else mentioned an MPC style thing, that would be dope. i always thought the Octatrack would be a perfect machine with some pads in addition to the step sequencer. pretty much the form factor of Rtym but an Octatrack. i guess well see when they pull focus on that shot.

  8. The teaser’s probably achieved its goal: if you’re attending NAMM you’ll go for a walk past Elektron’s booth to find out what they’ve got. (Presumably lots of vodka if the blurry photos are anything to by ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s probably true, but I would think that by now, over the course of some 15 years, Elektron has more than made a name for themselves. People would be looking for their booth, regardless. I don’t really think they need to have teasers…

  9. It looks like a massive square with a ton of elektron gray knobs and a large green screen. It would suck to be a sequencer to sequence all of your other sequencer boxes (elektron).
    I’m thinking its an updated octatrack with overbridge. A mega sampler with premium effects and more inputs and possible mixing.

  10. I find the whole teaser thing disrecpectful for the consumer community, specially for the community of people that make music. What is the point of this? Ok, you will tell me that marketing depts know better, and it results in more sales etc. But what about making your clients feel like subjects of marketing practices that add no value, knowledge or experience? What about deminishing a musician (amateur or pro doesn t matter) to a plain consumer? Why don t they release a respectful straight forward preview instead of throwing hints? As you can figure out from the fact that I am commenting this post, I blatantly include myself in the victims of these teasers (but becoming increasingly annoyed and close to shut-off my information input).

    1. Why would any company have they’re customers speculating on something really great, only to find at the teaser’s conclusion to be something not what you imagined?

    2. Don’t be ridiculous. You are calling yourself a “victim” of marketing. I’m sorry but please don’t belittle any actual victims out there. This is just embarrassing.

      So you don’t like marketing. Who cares. It’s not for you. Most consumers are fine with marketing. It gives them information and maybe clicks with them to get them to buy something if they are on the line. That’s the whole point. A company creating a product wants you to buy it. Surprise!! I worked in marketing for a large musical instrument company and it is necessary and works.

      The loudest complainers online were always the ones that rarely bought anything from your company and mostly wasted your time. This is the reality and spans pretty much all industries. So please “shut off your information input” We don’t really want or need you.

    3. Lighten up, Francis. (remember that movie line?). Seriously though, just ignore if you don’t want to hear about it. When I watch TV, I DVR everything. Have since 20 years now. I skip all commercials – no exception. And NONE of them have a chance to even bother me. Simple solution…

  11. Kind of makes me think of some guy in a dark alley or slow kid on a playground that wants to “show you something new”. It’s rarely anything you want to see.

    My guess is automatic cat feeder or marital aid. With parameter locks and effects of course.

  12. If it was truly something revolutionary or ground breaking they would just drop it, like they did with the rytm.

    They had full confidence that it wa a bomb product and it was gonna sell, so there was no need for all this shit.

    This will be some overpriced machine that only a few niche customers or performers will want and the hype is only to create drama so others will start wondering if they need it too.

    Ask yourself what you want or need in your studio, and if this doesn’t meet any of those criteria, then don’t even bother watching the video until the day comes that you want or need something similar to this.

    It’s the simplest way to detach yourself from he endless Marketting dribble these companies do to push products onto people who will simply resell after a month when they realize they don’t want or need it.

    Enter – the tempest, the octatrack etc

    1. someone couldn’t get their head around their octatrack, I guess. Meanwhile, it’s the single piece of gear I see on stage these days.

      1. Never saw the need for a multi channel sampler/sequencer.

        I have however bought the tempest and only use it as a poly synth as I can’t be bothered using 12 envelopes to make a snare.

      1. Don’t quite the remember the buildup of it being teased. All I remember is the noise level warnings they were getting at that Namm show for it ๐Ÿ™‚

        They’ve got a history of solid products mostly, let’s hope it’s something groundbreaking and not super niche like the heat

  13. Ah how the speculation ranges from whimsical to “wow, really?” levels of negative.

    1: Teasers can’t be debated (as non-effective) as long as posts like this gain 60+ entries and,

    2: Sure they hurt a bit as Wanting always does but don’t teasers also make our lives a little sweeter? We can’t always have Exactly What We Want Right Now .. sometimes we gotta wait and occasionally the payoff makes us really happy.

  14. Obviously teasers work. This is evident by the majority of the comments of a teaser post being domintated by people who were teased so badly they needed to strike back, and let the teasers know they’re not gonna take it anymore.

    If you actually didn’t care, you would ignore it. Yet here we are. LOL.

  15. of course is very nice to see new hardware but they should not forget to improve / update their “old” machines .

  16. some of the above posts are absolutely right, the teasers are working because we are all taking the time to respond to it. but i think it’s fun, it creates something to chat about and some really funny remarks. nerds nerding out is always a good thing. thanks Elektron. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I think they are lame others don’t. Maybe what they release will make them cool again in my eyes, ultimately do they really care if they are still getting their cash

  18. Elektron cooperates with a fab and they are re-issuing the MOS 6581. That would be kinda ground breaking. But something like that is probably not going to happen.

    1. Looks interesting because its elektron. Any other company, it would be depressing after the goofy teases. I’m sure there is something under the hood thats pretty awesome. Maybe they did some things they missed with the elektron but drum computer/sampler/sequencer. Under the hood may be pretty extensive.
      With the Octatrack, I’ve had it for a year and im still like “whats this button do” and “where did my sample go” unless im working with is non-stop. So their machines pack a whollup.

      Lets hope for a video real soon.

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