VirSyn ReSlice Lets You Chop & Play Samples On iOS

VirSyn has introduced ReSlice – a new iOS app that lets you slice audio samples and them play them via MIDI.

You can record live audio or import audio from clipboard or AudioShare to break it up into its rhythmic components.

Once you’ve got your audio sliced, you can apply a variety of effects, and then create new patterns, using a four-part polyrhythm arpeggiator.

Here’s a quick video demo:


  • Audio Slicer
    • Automatic break up of sample/drum loop into up to 32 slices
    • Edit slice positions.
    • Edit level, pan, pitch and envelope for each slice
    • Import audio from clipboard or AudioShare
    • Record audio for instant slicing and reusing in realtime
  • Effect section
    • Seven studio standard effects concurrently usable:
    • Oversampled distortion with four different algorithms for antialiased sound.
    • Lowpass / Highpass / Bandpass parametric equalizer
    • 8 pole analog Phaser
    • Flanger
    • Four line chorus
    • Stereo/Ping-Pong delay with glitch free delay time change.
    • Hi end reverberation unit.
  • Four part Polyrhythm Arpeggiator
    • Uses programmable sequences with up to 32 steps.
    • Trigger slices using 4 arpeggio parts with different settings
    • Unique randomizer generates Arpeggios with 100% usability.
    • Factory arpeggios included, unlimited user arpeggios possible.
  • Global
    • AUv3 AudioUnit
    • Inter App Audio
    • Audiobus 2 support with state saving.
    • Play slices live with the onscreen keyboard.
    • Can use CoreMIDI compatible MIDI Keyboard.
    • Audio recorder with share function.
    • Share user presets.
    • Support for virtual MIDI input connections.
    • Multichannel MIDI Learn for external MIDI controllers.
    • MIDI Tempo sync. Start/Stop Arpeggio.
    • Ableton Link compatible.

Pricing and Availability

ReSlice is available now for US $9.99 in the App Store.

19 thoughts on “VirSyn ReSlice Lets You Chop & Play Samples On iOS

  1. Great app both standalone and, more importantly, as an AU effect. Multiple arpeggiators make for some interesting effects. Think the brilliance of Samplr (which could REALLY use an update) crossed with multiple play heads of Fugue Machine all available in multiple instances in an AU host like AUM (which is also great).

    (Edit) Oh yes, every slice can have its own sound manipulated (pitch, reverse, etc) and there is a built in master effects section. Much fun with multiple instances.

    The price is the intro price by the way and I think it’s worth every cent.

  2. VirSyn plugins are great anyway. But I need something like this as an OS X AU plugin. Routing it through studiomux would be possible, but I prefer to have all my effects in the DAW. The same goes for Vocal Harmony – awesome effect, just not on my computer.

  3. any idea on sample length? samplr was my very first app and is great but no midi. korg’s abu dhabi has a sample lenght of only 10sec and will only sustain for a couple of seconds before the volume drops off. pants really. egoists has no AU either, so only one sample at a time. if this app has a longer sample time than 10secs i’ll be into it

    1. I’ve just done a quick and nasty test with both standalone and AU. It loaded a 90 second sample fine but maxes out the auto-slicing around 30 seconds (the last section being one big slice) and wouldn’t let me add slices after the 30 second mark. Looking good for “real world” applications.

      1. Thanks TheVimFuego. 30 seconds is a lot better than 10. i know $10 isn’t much but i’ve only had an ipad since xmas and i’ve already spent $80 on apps! would be nice if the developers could give a demo option. i presumed that egoist would be able to handle 16 samples. opened it up and realised i wouldn’t be able to use it. pooof- try another one. can the arp be controlled via midi? cheers

        1. Yep, it’s all controllable either by touch or MIDI. I’ve been making music using iOS for a long time, I’d hate to total up what I’ve spent but it’s been worth it. I hear you about getting an app then regretting it, there’s a few I should have returned but you live and learn. Well, I live anyway. I didn’t pick up Egoist, was tempted. So much good stuff released these days.

  4. I use beatmakern 2 for slicing and playing slices recording it to timeline adding effects and recording back to ableton, is this better and can do this ? With beatmaker I can record long vocals and then set for pads parts of vocals and play it back to timeline , can this do that ?

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