Rare Music From Synthesist Steve Roach

Synthesist Steve Roach has shared his album, The Early Years, as a ‘name your price’ download on Bandcamp.

The album features a pair of sequencer-driven tracks, inspired by the Berlin School music of artists like Klaus Schulze.

The two tracks are also included with the 30th anniversary release of his album Empetus, which is also available on Bandcamp or via Roach’s site.

The Early Years features two long-form sequencer pieces from around 1982:

  • Harmonia Mundi was recorded live by Steve Roach and Swiss-born
    electronic musician Thomas Ronkin, around 1982-83 in The Timeroom,
    Culver City, California. This is completely analog and pre-midi. All the sequencers were synchronized by a master analog clock. Roach says, “We set up on a Saturday morning and created a variety of sequences and patterns for a few hours. After a triple espresso, our mutual passion for this form of music drove the session towards the heart of the sequencer universe.”
  • Release by Steve Roach, 1982, in The Timeroom, Culver City, California. Roach says that “This was from the time after my first album, Now, still steeped in the influence of European electronic music and Klaus Schulze. By the time Empetus was released, the longer sequencer forms and qualities of this style would be fading and absorbed into the body of my development towards new places and spaces.

You can preview The Early Years below or at the Bandcamp site:

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