5 thoughts on “How To Make A DIY Oscilloscope

    1. I’m proud of you for staying so focused. I couldn’t do it. For some reason, my brain won’t let me just think of only one topic. My nagging interests keep forcing me to learn about things.

      Seriously, though. Fuller’s synth disassembly & repair videos are enjoyable, useful and relevant (to me).

      I also have a relatively old iPad with some synths on it. I will not apologize.

      Also, if you had bothered to watch the vid, you probably would have liked the modular tones at the end.

      1. I was just referring to Synthtopia headlines and their redundant words. Or have you tried to make an industrial oscilloscope yourself? Then I’m sorry for my remark.

        1. Ah!! I see it now. It’s kind of a subtle redundancy.

          Sorry, I thought you were bothered by non-hardware-synth topic. I’m with you now. Too late to edit.

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