Ambient Improvisation With Trumpet, Continuum, Electronics

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures an extended ambient improvisation by Asheville, NC musicians Ben Hovey, Sally Sparks & Chris Stack.

Here’s what Stack has to say about the performance:

This is the first time Ben played with Sally and me and things just seemed to gel right away. Since I was mostly handling sequencing and background textures, I was able to shoot a bit of video and stills while we were playing.

Instruments and tools used include: trumpet, Haken Continuum, (virtual) piano and Rhodes, Ableton, DSI Pro 2, Moog Voyager, Make Noise Shared System, Eventide H9, Borderlands, Animoog and probably a few other things that I’ve forgotten or was not aware of.

I particularly enjoy how Sally’s brassy Continuum timbres intertwine with and compliment Ben’s trumpet work. And when you hear trumpet and Rhodes happening at the same time, it’s because Ben was playing them at the same time.

No overdubs here. All recorded live.

An incredibly enjoyable musical experience that I hope we can soon repeat. – Chris Stack

8 thoughts on “Ambient Improvisation With Trumpet, Continuum, Electronics

  1. Really nice! I like the videography a lot too.
    Great to hear something as cool as this instead of the typical Eurorack bleeps and farts.

  2. Really nice Isham/ECM vibe. Mesmerizing. Intended to check out the video, listened to/watched the whole thing. Very nice improvising too, everyone was in the zone!

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