Polytik Is A New Modular Synth In A New Modular Synth Format

Artists & Engineers have launched a Kickstarter project to fund the production of Polytik – a collection of hand-held synth modules in a unique format.

Polytik is open-source hardware and encourages users to make new modules and hacks. The hybrid analogue/digital devices can produce a palette of sounds, ranging from angular rhythmic sequences to abstract noise, pads and drones.

The synths are designed to be tactile, to be held and touched when playing.

Polytik features four separate, color-coded, battery powered modules. Each Polytik system needs a Core module and at least one sound module. The sound modules connect to the core with ribbon cables, these carry audio and control data to connect the system together, giving you a single audio output for all modules. You can have up to three sound modules connected at one time.

The Starter Pack comprises a Core module and a Combi module.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Polytik Starter Pack is available to project backers, starting at £120 ( about US $150), with delivery planned for May 2017. 

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  1. Not much difference in price or sound output than the little bits synth pack–except the little bits synth pack can make noise AND moderately solid musical synth sounds.

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