The Macchiato Mini-Synth

The Macchiato Mini Synth is an Arduino-based hand-held synth that is available ready-to-use, or as a DIY kit.

The Macchiato features a built-in 13-note capacitive-touch keyboard with 2-note polyphony, MIDI IN, and eight control knobs for shaping your sound.

The synth kit can be completed in an evening and is of intermediate complexity, suitable for ages as young as 13 (with supervision).

Here’s a video demo:

Performance Demo:


  • Capacitive Touch Keyboard, 13 keys, 2-note polyphony
  • MIDI IN to control your Macchiato from any MIDI device
  • Wave Shape Select: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square
  • 4-Octave Shift: C2-C3 through C5-C6
  • Adjustable Attack & Release
  • LFO Shape Select: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Square
  • Adjustable LFO Rate, Depth and Cutoff Frequency
  • Volume Control
  • LED Power Indicator
  • 1? On-board Speaker
  • Audio Out — accepts 3.5mm (1/8”) TRS  or TRRS male jack
  • ISP Header for PC connection (to upload software updates/mods)
  • Requires 9V DC power from battery or wall adaptor

Cabinet Options:

Whether you buy the synth as a kit or ready-to-play, it comes with a template you can use to make your own cabinet from a cereal box or specialty cardstock from the craft store. Optionally, you can order a sleek black plastic cabinet, either as a simple kit or ready-to-use. Finally, with some ingenuity, you can make your own cabinet or chassis. install the synth and apply the groovy Macchiato labels.

Arduino Software

The Macchiato Mini-Synth incorporates the Mozzi Sound Synthesis Library for Arduino by Tim Barrass. The Macchiato code was written in the Arduino environment and is open-source tab. Arduino coders can modify the source code and flash it to the synth.

Pricing and Availability

The Macchiato Mini-Synth is available as a DIY project, starting at US $39 or assembled with case and power supply for $96.

via Kevin Marasco

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  1. I like kits like this. I had an old Gakken that was kind of entertaining as a toy. Crappy build quality though. I completely agree that the Craft seems like a nice option.

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