New Modular Effects Plugin, ‘System 1’

HOFA has introduced System 1, a new modular audio effects plugin system that features 20 audio effects.

System 1 combines EQs, compressors, reverb, delay, harmonics and more modules that you can use in any order. All links are made automatically – there are not only mono and stereo but multiband, mid/side, parallel and dual-mono setups as well.

It also features AlgoVerb – a ‘postmodern’ reverb with multiple algorithms, including: Ambience, Plate, PlateHall, Chamber, ConcertHall, Cathedral, Deep, Huge and Cheap.

Pricing and Availability

HOFA System 1 is available now, with an intro price of 59,90 €.

3 thoughts on “New Modular Effects Plugin, ‘System 1’

  1. That is simply stunning. HOFA really impressed me with their amazing reverb plugin. Judging from the demo and their other stuff, the ultra high quality is there. Ordinarily I prefer convolution reverbs, but I have no doubt their algorithmic reverbs are killer. This is such a fantastic idea to put those kinds of effect modules into a soft-modular environment, but without the “build it from scratch” needs of a traditional modular emulation.

    With this intro price, it’s kind of hard to pass up. I might be able to live with out it, but it sure sounds great. I expect that a person would be glad to have it just for the reverb alone.

  2. This looks like it has the flexibility to be truly unique, unlike most other similar products. But in the end, what I’d really want most of all is just a modular/node-based framework inside of a standard DAW or VST that would allow me to use whatever VSTs I wanted, instead of rely on yet another set of FX modules.

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