Karplus-Strong Synthesis On The Organelle Synthesizer

This video, via Craig Anthony Perkins (Genshi Media Group), demos a custom Karplus-Strong physical modeling synth patch on the Critter & Guitari Organelle synthesizer.

Here’s what Perkins has to say about it:

This is my Guitar Strummer Patch for the Critter & Guitari Organelle; based on a Karplus-Strong algorithm by Colin Barry, with additional contributions and fixes from users fuurthur and iquestionshard on the Critter & Guitari Forums.

The patch is not quite finished yet (it’s at version 0.9.7 as of this video) as I still want to add a couple of more features, but for those of you wanting to give it a go, you can download the current version for free.

The Organelle is available now, priced at US $495.

5 thoughts on “Karplus-Strong Synthesis On The Organelle Synthesizer

  1. I liked this! Watching the vid it wasn’t clear what established the sequence. It wasn’t based on the noodling notes he did before he pressed start. Was it just preset or hard coded?

    The organelle is definitely more than meets the eye.

    1. Yes, in this version, the sequencer/guitar strummer is hard coded into the patch. I’m hoping for a future version where you can input your own chords and melody… but for now, I just wanted to get something that showcases the sound and possibilities with this patch. Thanks for watching!

  2. Does it produce a secondary pluck when the key is released by design? If not you should use [stripnote] object in PD to get rid of the bang created by the note-off message.

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