AAS Debuts ‘Otherworldly’ Multiverse Sound Pack for Chromaphone

Applied Acoustics Systems has released the Multiverse sound bank for the Chromaphone 2 synthesizer and AAS Player plug-ins, in collaboration with musician and sound designer Thiago Pinheiro.

Multiverse is Pinheiro’s first contribution to the AAS Sound Bank Series. The 100-preset collection consists of “otherworldly textures, unusual melodic and percussive elements” as well as a range of dynamically rich instruments that the company says are particularly well-suited for cinematic soundtracks and sound design.

Pricing and Availability. The Multiverse Thiago Pinheiro sound bank for Chromaphone 2 and AAS Player is available now, via the Applied Acoustics Systems website. Regularly priced at US $39, the pack is available at an introductory US $19 price until February 28, 2017.

The instant download delivery package includes both a Chromaphone 2 bank file and the free AAS Player plug-in. The AAS Player plug-in runs on both Windows and Mac OS X and supports the VST, Audio Units, AAX Native, and RTAS plug-in formats.


3 thoughts on “AAS Debuts ‘Otherworldly’ Multiverse Sound Pack for Chromaphone

  1. The demo sounds really nice. Chromaphone is one of those VI’s that sits in a sweet spot between synth & samples. Very expressive and pleasant sounding. Capable of ridiculously versatile ranges of tones. (Sculpture is another one).

  2. Yeah I really dig Chromaphone too. My main controller is a malletkat so its right up my alley. But its great for tuned and percussive sounds so keyboard players or button pokers should dig it too. I just bought this library and it sound very good. Especially for just $19.

  3. I love Chromaphone. One of those synths that doesn’t get as much public love as it should, but those that *do* love it really REALLY love it. A true cult synth.

    This is an instabuy for me. Will hopefully shed some light on the GUI and how it all fits together. Have always thought Chromaphone 2’s GUI was a step down from the first one… Spent hours messing around and getting deep with 1, but the 2nd one is less intuitive… More browsing & options and less knob turning.

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