8 thoughts on “New vs Vintage MiniMoog Model D

  1. Why would you make the effort to record these two synths, pan them hard left and right, and then not play them simultaneously? In other words, don’t listen to this on headphones.

  2. I really don’t see the point of these. To me they are boring and uninformative. The main question always seem to focus on “are they identical?” So what if they aren’t? I have a 1976 400D and it doesn’t sound like a 1971 early serial number model.

  3. If you’ve got the Benjamins, buy the Minimoog D reissue.

    If you don’t have the Benjamins, have a rummage sale and buy a soft-synth Minimoog.

  4. Bubba Ayoub is one of the few people who knows enough about the history of Moog to really make cogent and valid statements about this synthesizer, and comparisons between the new version made by the 2nd Moog Music and the original.

  5. I had the reissue…. loved it! Sounded so much better than a Voyager. Voyager sounds compressed. I just wish that the reissue had memory.

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