New Audio Editor For Mac & Windows, ReSample

2nd Sense Audio has introduced ReSample, a new app, for Mac & Windows, designed to let you edit, process and analyze audio.

ReSample Highlights:

  • Smooth waveform browsing and editing: fast and responsive waveform zooming and editing with your mouse, trackpad (multi-touch gestures) or keyboard.
  • Vocal removal: straightforward and effective removal or extraction for center vocal sound.
  • Time stretch: change the duration of a sound while its pitch unchanged. (Real time preview supported)
  • Pitch shift: change the pitch of a sound while its duration unchanged. (Real time preview supported)
  • Multiband compressing: split a sound into 4 frequency bands (low, low-mid, high-mid and high) and apply compressing process respectively.
  • Loudness meter: collect and display loudness statistics of a sound file. (Comply with ITU-R BS.1770-2 and EBU R128)

Here’s a video intro:


  • Display overview of a sound file on Touch Bar. Touch to move playhead with ease. (for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar)
  • Smooth waveform browsing and editing. Responsive zooming and selecting through multi-touch trackpad or mouse.
  • Easy and fluent recording process.
  • Spectrogram browsing.
  • Direct view and precise adjustment at sample-level.
  • Remove/Extract center vocal sound in one mouse click?.
  • Apply compressing/expanding effect to a specific frequency band.
  • Sample-based noise reduction processor.
  • Ship with over 20 factory audio processors/effects: Parametric Equalizer, Vocal removal, Time stretch and Pitch shift, Reverb, Noise reduction, Engineering filter, etc.
  • Stable and fast high-order engineering filter. (Up to 100th order stable for Butterworth lowpass)
  • Real time spectrum with frequency estimation.
  • Easy-to-use equalizer with real time spectrum display.
  • Straightforward and customizable fade curve.
  • Free-drawing Doppler effect.
  • High quality and high fidelity sample rate conversion.
  • Support Mac and Windows. Support ASIO on Windows.
  • Support multiple codecs and formats: PCM(.wav, .aif), FLAC(.flac), VORBIS(.ogg), MP3(.mp3), AAC(.m4a, Mac only)
  • Support VST and AudioUnit effects plug-ins: VST on Windows, AudioUnit and VST on Mac.

Built-in Audio Processors:

  • Sample rate/depth conversion
  • Amplitude
  • Fade
  • Compressor
  • Multiband Compressor
  • Equalizer
  • Engineering Filter
  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Delay
  • Simple Reverb
  • Reverb
  • Stereo Enhancer
  • Time and Pitch
  • Pitch Correction
  • Noise Reduction
  • De-Esser
  • Vocal Removal
  • Doppler Effect
  • Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum
  • Phase Scope
  • Loudness Meter

Pricing and Availability:

ReSample is now available, priced at US $89. The software has a 25-day fully functional demo period.

8 thoughts on “New Audio Editor For Mac & Windows, ReSample

  1. Looks useful. Some the processes seemed a little odd (perhaps just due to the source material)– for example, the noise reduction demo was pretty awful. The NR itself might be fine, but that example was brutal. But most of them sounded quite good, particularly the filters/EQ.

    Looks like it is a more pro version of Audacity in some ways. The question is what kinds of features this has compared to Audacity. For example, things like being able to automate various plugins in realtime, quality of native plugin DSP, etc. But since it can host external plugs (as Audacity can) perhaps that is less crucial for those of us with a decent library.

    Another app is DSP Quattro which I have mixed opinions about. It’s a good app and does most of what I need, but has a few clunky features which require weird workarounds.

    1. Adobe Audition is indeed quite capable, but it also costs $20 per month as a subscription, forever. So four months gets you even on cost for either software, and then Audition becomes wildly more expensive the more you use it. Many people just want a simple, low cost audio editor to accent the workflow they already have with other tools.

  2. I wonder if the results with this are worth 89 euros compared to Audacity. I mean apart from the fact that it looks much nicer than Audacity (which looks like a 90`s windows program.. 🙂 does it do a better Job?
    I mean audacity is good by any standards

    1. Don’t waste your time or money. adobe Audition, love it or hate it, is the one that gets the job done in sound design and broadcast. Yeah you have to switch off a load of crap and fine tune the UI to fit , but once you gone batch there’s no going back

  3. This is great! Cross platform, modern UI, and just enough tools to be really useful. Many of us want a lean, capable audio editor for the quick tasks like cleaning up new samples, quickly analyzing a file, etc. Most low cost audio editors have very clunky UI, or are missing enough of the basic functionality to make them not even worth using. I loved Twisted Wave for MacOS, but have been missing a lean and functional tool for Windows.

    Also, the price is spot on. Yes, something like WaveLab or Audition are very capable programs, but the cost of both is very high compared to the use cases. And when I want deep functionality and features I open a DAW. The very point of a tool like this, IMHO, is to be lean and fast at the bread and butter, not deeply capable.

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