An Interview With Tangram (Peter Fabok) From Chip Festival 2017

Chip Festival 2017 – held Jan 28th-29th in Budapest, Hungary – featured the music of Tangerine Dream; Hungarian Berlin-school group Pergamoon; Ulrich Schnauss; progressive electronic group Tangram; and DJ/producer Simon Iddol. 

In this interview, the first in a series following up on the festival, Budapest-based composer Peter Fabok (Tangram) discusses his inspiration for getting into electronic music, and his ‘Budapest School’ style. 

Synthtopia: What can you tell us about your band and your music?

Peter Fabok: Tangram is my all-time favorite TD album. Because of this, I have chosen it as my stage name.

In the last 11 years, I have composed in many styles, from ambient through Berlin school to melodic electronica. Main inspirations were Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Der Spyra and many electronic musicians.

Despite this I don’t think that my music is “Jarre-ish” or “TD-ish”. I am not copying the old ones, only injecting some “e-music DNA” into my compositions. Maybe I can describe my music “Budapest School”.

Synthtopia: When did you get first get interested in electronic music?

Peter Fabok: At the age of 8, when my brother listened to Oxygene.

Shortly after that, one tv show in Hungary had an interesting title music. As I found out later, it was the track Choronzon by Tangerine Dream (from the album Exit).

At 14, I already knew: I want to be able to create music like these.

Synthtopia: What can you tell us about your performance at the Chip Festival, and what can people expect from one of your live performances?

Peter Fabok: I have created 30 LPs/EPs in the last 11 years. The organizer wanted me to play tracks in all of my styles in my 50 minutes performance.

So I selected tracks in many styles, starting with ambient/Berlin school, but mainly dynamic compositions. At the end of the show, a singer joined me on stage and to sing my radio hit Seeing Me – which is as far from Berlin School as it can be.

Synthtopia: Chip Festival 2017 was dedicated to the memory of Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese. How have you been inspired by Froese and his work, and how has it shaped your music?

Peter Fabok: My favorite composing technique is the layered, slowly evolving one. The early TD albums were like this.

In CHiP festival, all of the groups are “came out from Edgar’s ‘Overcoat’”. The main inspiration for me is Edgar’s innovative approach of composing and constant ‘reformation’.

I know that Tangram is an amateur music project, but I think my music could be enjoyable for many TD fans over the world.

Synthtopia: Where can people find out more about you and your music?

Peter Fabok: My website, There are links to my digital music store, my youtube channel, my social media accounts and people can subscribe to my newsletter.


You can view a video by Tangram and preview the latest Tangram album below:

Tangram ‘Manifold’ Music Video

Tangram Album Vector Henge

Special thanks to Simon Iddol for coordinating this interview and for the Tangram performance photo.

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    1. Big_Sue

      It’s pretty obvious from the article and that he’s doing original work, but inspired by a lot of classic synth artists.

      He’s got a video of his performance at his site. Check it out, it’s nice if you like synth instrumentals!

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