UVI Intros UVS-3200, A Virtual Korg PS-3200

UVI has introduced UVS-3200, a new virtual instrument, designed to recreate the sound of the rare KORG PS-3200.

Built in a very limited quantity in the late ’70s, this Japanese beauty featured a semi-modular 48-voice polyphonic engine. Each voice was equipped with 2 VCOs, of which each had its own VCF and LFO.

UVS-3200 delivers a collection of over 220 patches, including basses, pads, leads and more.

Here’s the official video intro:

Video Overview:

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

UVS-3200 is available now with an intro price of US $49 (normally $79).

via aymat

4 thoughts on “UVI Intros UVS-3200, A Virtual Korg PS-3200

    1. ANswer NO but YES,-It’s software,there are just too many software programmers about ,so we will get more retro Synths even if “WE” dont need them.–Personally having spend a huge amount of money on retro Synths when they first came out , I am only too pleased to have a steady stream of new SW virtual Synths

    2. Well… when phrasing an argument based on that operative, maybe we only actually need something resembling Maslow’s hierarchy. 😛

      But beyond that, I say yes! Because if nothing else, most won’t be able to own this hardware. It’s cool to have access to a soft synth and patches built on and inspired by sampling the actual machine.

      Lumping it with all retro-flavored soft synths misleads from the point that sampling a restored unit is in some small part an effort in pseudo-preservation.

      Doesn’t mean that is everyone’s cup of tea, but I think its a good distinction to be made. I really like UVI’s stuff and have enjoyed many of their sampled creations based on hardware I’ll never own.

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