New iPad Synth, DA ONE, Offers Multiple Synthesis Approaches

MN Signal Processing has introduced DA ONE Synth for iPad, a software synth that combines digital and (virtual) analog synthesis methods, including as wavetable synthesis, vector waveform mixing, subtractive, additive, and frequency modulation synthesis.

The individual blocks of this synthesizer are connected using an flexible routing system that allows millions of different configurations of oscillators, filters, and distortion blocks.

Pricing and Availability

DA ONE is available now for US $7.99. If you’ve used DA ONE, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

2 thoughts on “New iPad Synth, DA ONE, Offers Multiple Synthesis Approaches

  1. Looks like a versatile and well-thought out engine. The GUI is a little clunky– like how you can’t see the envelope as you adjust the shape parameter. I like the extra thought that went into the onscreen keyboard. So many apps try to get velocity sensing into the keyboard but don’t really give you the finer points of how to make it work well.

  2. I hope that parameters are MIDI-mappable or assignable for real time manipulation with knobs and sliders

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