How To Create A Redundant Ableton Live Rig

In this video,  Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett demonstrates how to set up a redundant live performance rig with Ableton Live.

For many performers, setting up a redundant rig would be overkill. But if you’re performing with large, complex live sets, performing for large crowds or in any potentially high-pressure performance situation, having a redundant live rig can make a lot of sense.

In the video, Doggett covers the elements of a redundant rig, including how to provide audio and MIDI redundancy for your setup.

“I think if you need to try and justify this setup-it’s probably not right for your environment,” notes Doggett. “But for the high pressure situations where something going wrong isn’t an option-this setup is a must.”


13 thoughts on “How To Create A Redundant Ableton Live Rig

  1. We use the Radial to auto switch. Run SMPTE into Input 8. There is an Auto Switch on RP. Provide tone (SMPTE) on either a separate channel or on CH 1. When tone disappears ( computer crash) the SW8 switches to back up. Great solution.

  2. wouldnt using Ableton link keep both computers in sync ?

    a control keyboard with 2 midi outs e.g novation sl would save need for mio4 .

    however , doesnt having a single control keyboard +-midi interface , single SW8 still leave you susceptible to single parts of your system going wrong & ruining your performance ?

    thanks for your attention

    thanks for your attention. / redundant… in case you missed the first .

    1. my problem in making redundant ableton setups is that link doesn’t currently support song position… might not matter in the case above, .. but does in some scenarios ….

  3. wht does the mio do over the iconnectmidi4+, it looks like it is the same price but does less from what I am seeing – I have the 4+ at home and it is a beast.

  4. I use IConnectMidi4 at home and live for the redundant system, everything works fine except I cannot get the Novation Launchpad to send to both system. I see the ‘rectangle’ on both computers but they won’t move and they wont send any midi. I’m thinking it might have to do with the crappy Novation’s Automap… Any thoughts about that?

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