The Electronic Art Of Walter Giers

This short documentary explores the electronic art of Walter Giers.

Video Summary:

Telekom Electronic Beats TV takes a look at the visual and electronic art pioneer Walter Giers, who passed away in 2016.

00:20 – Weisser Vulkan (1979)
1:08 – Erotischer Zyklus (1975)
1:14 – Hänge-Kugellautsprecher (1968)
2:14 – PE II (1992)
2:37 – Handbild/Hände (1971)
3:11 – Impertinent (1976)
3:40 – 54 Millionen Jahre (2004)
4:54 – Der Stammtisch
6:01 – Musik für 3 Sender (1977)
10:19 – Raoul Hausmann (1994)

5 thoughts on “The Electronic Art Of Walter Giers

  1. Those good old days in the 70’/80’s when we could not afford and did not have the technology and tools to design/manufacturer PCB’s and used the “spiderweb” way of building stuff in our bedrooms. Now it’s art.

  2. Brilliant Inspiration.Really like the comment that Walter was a “doer”.At times I get self conscious about the technolust side of things ,when people look for the next module or thing to buy, or trade in one up man ship comparisons of this technology,analogue v digital, east coast west code. Daw dawless…etc.I hold my hand up and admit I am guilty .Thanks for this post, as clearly the life of Walter Giers shows it’s the doing that’s makes the difference.

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