Robert Rich Live Performance Rig Tour

This video, via Geary Yelton from the magazine Electronic Musician, features synthesist Robert Rich giving an in-depth tour of his live performance rig.

Rich discusses his polyphonic Eurorack modular setup, discusses how he uses keyboards live and also his looping setup for working PVC flute and slide guitar. 

Video Summary:

While preparing for a house concert in Asheville, North Carolina, Robert gives us a detailed look at his touring rig, demonstrating his 4-voice Eurorack modular synthesizer (mostly Synthesis Technology and Intellijel modules) and spelling out the advantages of programming original sounds.

He talks about his role in creating wavetables for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 and explains how he takes advantage of the Korg M3’s features. He also gives us a lesson in bowing the lap steel guitar and shows us a few of his custom flutes made of PVC pipe.

He wraps up the conversation with some insight on electronic music composition and modular synthesis.

4 thoughts on “Robert Rich Live Performance Rig Tour

  1. One of my most favorite interviews ever! Just enough info on each piece of gear to make it fun. He’s an interesting and humble man with a great perspective on his music and instrument making. Thanks so much!

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