Dr Bob’s SoundSchool Offers A Multi-Sensory Approach To Science Education

The Bob Moog Foundation shared this profile of Dr Bob’s SoundSchool – their program for elementary school students that teaches the science of sound through music and technology.

The program uses theremins, oscilloscopes and a wide variety of musical instruments to engage kids and to explore science, creativity, and critical thinking. Students who complete the Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool curriculum demonstrate a stronger ability to apply their knowledge of the physics of sound than students who participate in a standard course of study,

The Foundation is an independent non-profit, led by Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa, that is dedicated to preserving Bob Moog’s legacy. It is not associated with Moog Music, Inc.

In the SoundSchool, students learn about:

  • how sound is made (vibrations, waveforms, energy)
  • how sound travels (through identifying the source, medium, and receiver of sound)
  • parameters of sound (pitch/frequency and loudness/amplitude)
  • the physical difference between music and noise (periodic and aperiodic waveforms)
  • how sound is heard (how the ear is constructed, and how it works)
  • Scientific methodology (writing down your idea, testing the idea, writing down the results and conclusion)

The Foundation’s goal is to make the 10-week curriculum available nationwide. You can learn more about the program at the Moog Foundation site.

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