Open Source Project Brings Ableton Link To Modular Synths

Developer Vincenzo Pacella has shared an open-source project to bring Ableton Link to modular synthesizers.

The project, pink-0, is a hardware shield for the Raspberry Pi Zero board and software and scripts for the Zero to provide real-time conversion from Ableton Link to modular-friendly clock and reset signals.

The user interface offers the possibility to change the tempo (affecting all of the participants), the loop length and the clock multiplier.

Here’s a demo of the pink-0 in action:

In the demo, pink-0 is sending clock and reset to DinSync Modseq. The clock signal is also sent to an SSSR Labs Divider and used as trigger for a Mutable Instruments Peaks.

The pink-0 is not currently a commercial product, but is shared as an open source project via GitHub.

via CDM

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  1. raspberry pi is going to really change the world at the rate it is going

    just saying that after i saw the “Steve Jobs” movie and in end where he talks about how a bicycle can make a human more efficient and what the computer could do for man.
    I have to ask “how many can you help at 2000 bucks a pop???”

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