TipTop Audio Intros One Sample Player For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

TipTop Audio has introduced ONE – a low latency sample player for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

ONE comes with a SD card loaded with a free set of 60 sounds designed by Glitchmachines. More cards are available to purchase separately, each containing carefully selected material with up to 256 sound files. You can also use your own sample libraries or recordings – just copy 16 or 24bit mono WAV files onto the SD card and insert it into the module.

ONE offers several modes of operation. Trigger mode retrieves audio data off the SD card. In this mode, it’s a transparent player up to 24 bit 96kHz, with no interpolation of the audio data: what you put in is what you get out.

ONE handles external CV through a user selectable multifunction jack. Pitch is the main control with two modes available: Free pitch allows for fine tuning of the playback rate, great for adding subtle vibrato or wild tape speed effects; Quantized pitch maps CV to the standard 12 tone system over 3.5 octaves and is ideal for melodic content.

CV can also be used to sequence through files off the SD card, allowing far more varied sounds from a single source.

Other options include: Gated playback, Looping, and Triggering with fades in and out, to accommodate different types of sound sources, from drum loops to polysynth chords to noise sources.

ONE offers another useful dimension since it can play CV signals too. Drop in a card with LFO signals, random CV, slopes and envelopes for a whole set of new control and modulation possibilities.

For more info, see the TipTop Audio site.

2 thoughts on “TipTop Audio Intros One Sample Player For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

  1. Yeah basically a posh looking Radio Music. But I do like the new look of the TipTop stuff. Not that that alone would make me rush out and buy it

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