Ableton Intros Beat Tools Beatmaking Toolkit

Ableton has introduced Beat Tools, a new creative toolkit for beatmaking with Ableton Live.

The Live Pack features more than 120 Drum and Instrument Racks, with tweakable processing; over 180 audio loops for slicing; plus MIDI clips, effects chains and more.

  • Drum Racks are made up of percussive hits, bass and melodic samples for working on tight-knit ideas for groove and melody on single kits.
  • Over 100 Instrument Racks offer a diverse sound palette.
  • A collection of audio loops and phrases are ready for chopping up and creating new grooves and melodies.
  • Nearly 100 MIDI clips are also included to show you what’s possible with the kits.

Ableton says that Beat Tools is set up for creating ideas and keeping you in your flow, especially with Push.

Drum kits and Instrument Racks come with processing and effects chains, designed to sound great right off the bat. Eight Macros are carefully set up for creative tweaking and sound design directly from Push’s encoders. And instruments make use of expressive features like pad aftertouch.


  • 102 Instrument Racks – including bass, keys, leads, pads and FX • 27 Drum Racks
  • 182 audio loops of drums and phrases
  • 97 MIDI clips
  • 15 Effect Racks
  • 3 demo sets

Pricing and Availability

Beat Tools is free for Live 9 Suite and Push owners, and is available separately for EUR 49/USD 59.

7 thoughts on “Ableton Intros Beat Tools Beatmaking Toolkit

    1. just to clarify , i love ableton and would like some added features i have been patiently waiting on . that is all. creating good software takes time i understand.

  1. Choose samples, choose presets, choose push, choose buying creativity, choose originality, choose live.
    But why would I want to do a thing like that?

      1. Wow, why so hard whiteblob, chiiiiiilll.

        yom inclouds have a point, everybody will end up with the same mood in thier track.
        and real producer just gonna lol at the overused samples.

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