13 thoughts on “Make Noise 0-Coast Sound Design

  1. When asked the inevitable “what modules should I buy to get started in Eurorack” questions by newbies, my answer has now become “Buy a 0-coast and work with it seriously for a month or two. Then talk to me about modules — or, more likely, sell it for $50 less than you paid for it.”

    1. Is it that much of a ball-ache to get good sounding stuff out of it? There’s some very good patch demos with some beautiful noises and rhythms – ‘ten patches, no talking’ being a good example. He makes it look easy. This guy makes it look pretty hard to get some very basic stuff out of it. I’m not new to synths but I’m just dipping my toes into modular and don’t want to get get into euroroack… I thought 0 coast looked like a good compromise and would accompany my microbrute well. Any thoughts? Anyone?

  2. I do find all the ‘west coast’ etc stuff rather embarrassing in the description of sound synthesis. It is like a very in joke , that is pretty much off the wall when it comes to the sound of any syth. I also think it sits in the nauseating ‘territory’ (no pun intended ) of ‘the Berlin School’ . Maybe it is valid to some , but for me as a synth user and buyer of equipment, it puts me off the products as it seems pretentious and I buy equipment to make music with not as a ‘cultural fashion statement.’ Great to see synths in production but it seems to take something away from the raw edge of synths when ‘hipster’ springs to mind . Does anyone share this ?
    Or does being a Northern English make me the odd one out!!!! (grin)

    1. Its a harmless way to differentiate how a sound is made, not sure why its embarrassing. Its pretty obvious there is a difference in the architecture of the sound creation, so why not use a term to describe it. We could call it Bob and Don or ice cream and frozen yogurt. All that matters is we are able to get the idea across. Maybe there is still a lack of clarity in the community around the different architectures.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this synh. I love the sound but don’t find the price appropriate. Would expect something like this for 300 or something.

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