Developer Geert Bevin Intros Command-Line MIDI Tool, ReceiveMIDI

Developer Geert Bevin (Eigenharp, LinnStrument, MPE) has released a free command-line utility for receiving and monitoring MIDI on OS X, ReceiveMIDI.

ReceiveMIDI complements a utility that he released in January, SendMIDI. Here’s what he has to say about ReceiveMIDI:

ReceiveMIDI makes it super easy on MacOS, Windows or Linux to monitor a particular MIDI device and to freely unplug and replug it.

There are a series of handy filter commands if you just want to focus on some of the messages, and you can optionally add timestamps. This goes hand-in-hand with an update to the SendMIDI tool that now understands these timestamps, allowing you to play back anything you saved and edited from ReceiveMIDI, with the appropriate timing.

ReceiveMIDI is free and open-source, and can be downloaded from Github.

6 thoughts on “Developer Geert Bevin Intros Command-Line MIDI Tool, ReceiveMIDI

  1. So, i got this problem, and i have similar problems in the past.
    Fader or a knob start to send random midi data, can ReceiveMIDI can help to quickly identify the source of this messages to fix it?

      1. Yes, its definitely a dirty pot.
        Any tips how to maintain them clean and working? I live at first floor and dust is a bit of a problem, but covering all the gear and uncovering is a pain, what do you guys do to keep your pots nice and clean?

  2. Even though this video gets technical, it’s worthwhile viewing not only for using these particular apps, but also just for learning a few useful workflow tips for working with Mac’s terminal and a few other useful odds & ends.

    This guy is an amazing explainer. I haven’t used EigenD much, but it’s a great hosting environment for Mac OS.

  3. Great so we see a video but where’s a non-trivial example of how to do this in a text file that I can put on my computer and then play with. Every tutorial for a real programming language actually has code that you can download compile run and tweak and this seems to me to be unheard of when it comes to applying this particular piece in real life. Very disheartening.

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