Korg Gadget Release Delayed

Korg has announced that Gadget for Mac is being delayed:

Here’s the text of their announcement:

In order to complete testing of “KORG Gadget for Mac / for iOSβ€œ we must delay the release from Tuesday, February 28 to Late March 2017.

We are sorry to disappoint everyone who has been eagerly waiting Gadget for Mac / for iOS and thank you for your patience.

28 thoughts on “Korg Gadget Release Delayed

  1. i tried to get along with gadget but its so bland and plastic sounding to me. cant feel anything.
    ims20 and oddissei on the other hand i love. ims20 probably alltime fav app.

      1. hey pierre,

        thank you, have tried it ofcourse. i must say though, not sure if its just me but it also feels less inspiring.
        actually wonder if its the same thing.
        could not find any info on gadget/standalone discrepancy.
        so its most likely just me tbh.

  2. I heard the release was delayed because Korg has been working to cut costs. Since so many people felt the introductory price was way too high, Korg has been aggressively cutting back on the frills: using lower priced knobs and switches; removing the wooden end cheeks on the Phoenix synth; and swapping out expensive components in their CMT model for lower priced replacements. Hopefully, Korg’s austerity won’t adversely affect the sound.

  3. Believe me. Fake software. Sad.

    Seriously it seemed I was the only one willing to pay $199 for it and had today marked on my calendar. Disappointing announcement. I would prefer these companies wait until they have the product actually shipping before announcing.

    1. I don’t think you’re the only one willing to pay $199 ….but I think plenty of us have already paid well over $100 for the app and add-ons and don’t want to pay for it again. This is a suspicious delay in my mind and I’m guessing they have so few pre-orders they are probably questioning how to continue to support something that isn’t being adapted.

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