Modstep 1.2 Adds 35 New Sample Kits, Audiobus 3 Support & More

Developer AppBC has released Modstep 1.2, an update that adds Audiobus 3 support, 35 new sample kits and more.

Modstep is designed to let you you sequence IAA Apps, Audio Units, Mac and PC software and MIDI hardware.

Here’s the video intro:

Here’s what’s new in Modstep 1.2:

  • AUv3 user presets (for AUv3s that support it)
  • Audiobus 3 ready
  • 35 new Sample Kits
  • 8 new MIDI templates for Roland TR-09, Roland TB-03, OTO BIM, OTO BAM, Modal CRAFTsynth, Meeblip triode, Korg monologue,Elektron Analog Heat
  • added the possibility to disable Auto Save
  • changed time display on Auto Save to minutes and seconds
  • added BPM info for exported audio files and folders
  • clearer indication in the Mixer when audio is distorted
  • various workflow enhancements

Pricing and Availability

Modstep is available in the App Store for US $19.99.

Note: With the update, Modstep requires iOS 8 or higher.

13 thoughts on “Modstep 1.2 Adds 35 New Sample Kits, Audiobus 3 Support & More

      1. Could you elaborate a bit?
        Is it possible to transpose all tracks with a flick of a wrist while improvising a melody with the other hand?

        How do you determine the desired pitch? I hope not with plus/minus buttons or a sub menu.

        1. Nevermind, I read the manual:
          “This allows you to transpose Clips, Patterns and Steps. Tap the transpose button and the Clip(s), Pattern(s) and Step(s) you want to transpose, choose between semitones and octaves (+1 or +12) and transpose using the + and – buttons.”

          That’s NOT the thing people are looking for, when they ask about REAL TIME transpose. Although technically this might be “real time”, in practice it is not the thing you would use in live.


  1. (just a few) undo steps? relying on auto-save is cumbersome and a bit of a shot in the dark.
    BTW really fantastic app to sequence external gear!
    …shame the best sequencer for iOS try to incorporate their own instruments, do people really want that? Wouldn’t they prefer a full fledged sequencer, super-stable and ready to be used live in more creative ways? I’m not saying Modstep isn’t, but much more could be done in that direction

    1. My thoughts too. I really don’t want any sound sources on my ipad anymore. I’m tired of having to rescript Lemur templates everytime I make a change to my setup (which is, like, weekly at this point because I’m searching for a better way).

      In-app instruments isn’t so bad and probably opens up doorways for monetizing the app once your sales have plateaued. But honestly I would love something that focuses strictly on sequencing and does it better than everyone. So far, I still think ModStep is that app so who am I to complain?

      1. I know mate, it’s just so close it’s a shame!
        I really hope they’ll take a little …step forward and add probability and randomness, live transpose, quick loops a la genome, an arpeggiator… they do listen to suggestions though, so who knows 🙂

    2. My thoughts as well. Modstep seems to have finally really stablized AU support but when I think of all of the _sequencing_ features that could have been added or refined instead fixing AU issues and adding internal instruments…

  2. I also want to know what is a good alternative to modstep. I have it and am not in love. I’d love for Korg Gadget to have midi out to use it’s sequencer, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

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