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      1. Well that is somewhat semantics, whilst a controller, the computer hardware was contained within that ran the software, therefore all synths are essentially computers, be it analog or digital.


        1. Thats a bit of a silly generalisation. To be a computer you need three things. A generalized brain (cpu) that runs a program, and has storage for said program and the data it processess. An analog synth has none of these.

          1. Whilst technically true of older synths, again your generalisation is too specific to some older analogue synths, as most today have some operating firmware, thus still, there is the computational element.

          2. Not as silly as you think. The “program” is hardwired in an analog computer. No memory is needed (unless you want to save the output—you would record it to tape or other analog means). A mixer is the most obvious implementation of an audio analog computer—inputs are multiplied by fader levels, summed to busses, filtered, etc. In fact, open up a mixer or synth and you’ll see a heavy use of opamps. That stands for Operational Amplifier. The operations are mathematical operations (summing, multiplying, filtering, etc.). They were originally designed for analog computing!

  1. Poly version of RePro, Zebra3, Physical Modeling Drum Synth, and CAT emu… 2017 is going to be an awesome year 🙂

  2. Tyrell N6 was originally the idea for a real synth. And some people that helped design it helped put together DeepMind 12.

    Am i correct with this info?

    1. Nope. Tyrell was a study of moogulator what ppl may want from a a hardware polysynth that u-he coded because there wasn’t much interest from hardware manufacturers at the time.
      Sequencer.de /Amazona.de have nothing to do with behringer.

  3. He made an interesting point about how a software instrument could emulate an analog synth with “perfect” precision but would require too heavy a CPU cost.

  4. I remember when Urs first developed Zebra and he was an active member of osxaudio.com (warning: don’t try to open this site now unless you want an intimidation scam). Probably the first plug-in, I ever bought and still one of the best.

    I enjoyed seeing all the coders hard at work. A good reminder that software requires immense amounts of time and effort to be produced.

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