‘Prelude to Sleep’ Series At Moogfest To Feature Laurie Spiegel, Laraaji

Moogfest organizers have announced plans for a new concert series planned for Moogfest 2017Prelude to Sleep.

Prelude to Sleep is a series of concerts that combine ambient works with projected visuals, designed for audiences to wind down at the end of each night.

Moogfest 2017 is scheduled for May 18-21, 2017 in Durham, NC.

The participants in the inaugural version of Prelude to Sleep will be:

  • Moogfest will present the Laurie Spiegel score to the experimental film Maya Deren: Prelude to Generating a Dream Palette. The score will be set to Spiegel’s late husband Peter Schmideg’s images and animations, and will screen nightly as part of this special series.
  • Driftless Recordings and RVNG Intl: Both labels will curate tracks from their extensive catalogues of ambient artists and compilations. The selected artists from each label will be revealed soon.

This experience is an extension of this year’s Sleep Concert, which will be led by Laraaji at this year’s festival.

Details on Moogfest 2017 are available at the event site.

3 thoughts on “‘Prelude to Sleep’ Series At Moogfest To Feature Laurie Spiegel, Laraaji

  1. I’ve been to a few shows this year and they had this effect on me, maybe I didn’t see they were a part of this?

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