Blood-Powered Synthesizer Not For The Squeamish

Moscow-based media artist Dmitry Morozov, who works under the alias ::vtol::, shared images and a video overview of his blood-powered synth installation, Until I Die.

Until I Die is an installation that operates on unique batteries that generate electricity using the artist’s own blood. The electric current produced by the batteries powers a small Axoloti-based algorithmic synth module. The module creates generative sound composition that play via a small speaker.

Here’s a video overview:

The installation consists of 5 batteries, each of which has 11 storage tanks containing electrodes. Each battery generates about 0,6 V; a series of 5 batteries generates a total of 3 V and a current intensity of 1000mAh.

The sound unit is connected to the main battery. It consists of voltage converters, buffer capacitors, an Axoloti sound module, a small booster with speakers and a display that shows the voltage after the conversion. This voltage (6.5–7 V) is the main operating voltage of the sound system.

The unique electronic music installation is, by design, impermanent and explores the ephemerality of life and art.

Technical and conceptual details on the project are available at the artist’s site.

14 thoughts on “Blood-Powered Synthesizer Not For The Squeamish

  1. Nothing new here. I’ve been putting my blood, sweat, and tears into my synth music for decades. It’s been mostly tears.

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