New Euro Manufacturer Intros ‘Seek’ 64-Step CV/Gate Step Sequencer

New Eurorack module maker Copper Traces has introduced its first module, Seek, a 64-step CV/Gate step sequencer, with legato and an accent output.


  • Any sequence length up to 64 steps
  • Five octave range
  • Separate gate and accent outputs with per step legato, accent and rest
  • Six patterns: Forward, Reverse, Forward-Reverse, Ping-Pong, Random, Brownian
  • Multipurpose reset input: Reset, Run/ Stop, One shot, Play Direction, Randomness, Slip-Forward, Slip-Back, Jump to a Random Step
  • Internal clock capable of 5 to 250 bpm. The accent output can be set up to output the clock.
  • Complex shuffle and gate length patterns are preserved when using an external clock.
  • 12 save locations save all parameters for easy recall of complex patches during a live performance
  • Cue recalls new scenes only after the current sequence finishes. Use the keyboard to quickly select new scenes while keeping everything in time
  • Random algorithms allow for static or evolving randomness that create subtle or extreme note variations. A separate probability parameter controls how often the random algorithm is applied.
  • Random sequence generator creates new sequences with one button press
  • Quantizer can be set to constrain outgoing notes to any arbitrary scale chosen using the keyboard
  • Transpose from -1 to +2 octaves and by any number of semitones as chosen with the keyboard
  • Tile function allows for duplication of a section of the sequence for easy multiple bar variations
  • Clock divider divides by any power of two from /1 to /64

Here’s the official video intro:

Pricing and Availability

Seek is available now with an MSRP of US $299, €349 (inc. VAT) in Europe and about £299 (inc. VAT) in the UK.

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