10 thoughts on “Oberheim SEM Pro vs Vintage SEM

  1. Wish you could actually buy the Pro version, seems only the Midi/CV version of these are ever available from the retail outlets. Bummer.

      1. I had an email exchange with Tom O. last summer. He said he hoped It would be released by Christmas. Obviously they missed it, but that and the fact that it appeared at the last NAMM as the “SEM-X” suggest that it is at least in active development!

  2. Don’t worry about these guys, Behringer will make an even more authentic one for $1.50. All these synth legends are just out to get your money. There’s really no artistic merit or crasfysnanship to these synths, as Behringer will gladly show us.

    I’m hearing they’re thinking about making Tesla cars next for around $500 as well.

  3. here they sound very alike but the demo does not show any oft the typical hipass sounds which are so characteristic for this SEM. then you could a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE becaus the the waves of the “clone” are much brighter than those of the orignal.
    so you you could call it SEM lopass clone 🙂

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