12 thoughts on “Modular Synth Jam In A Cave

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  1. I once took my OP-1 on a hike and played with it by a stream. I thought it would be cool to “make some cool sounds” out in nature, but almost immediately I felt like it was not jiving. I even tried sampling the stream and working that in, but it all felt very digital and out of place in that environment. I think acoustic instruments do best when connecting with nature. A cave however is inside and feels sacred. Like a cramped cathedral. I feel like modular could do well in there if it was more musical. Ascending drones? Try to coax out the natural reverberences of the space?

    1. reminds me of when I try to sample some “flatulence” and had trouble recording it dry
      I sure quite a few have runs into that .

      I know, that was turdable
      I was just flushed with the wit of it

  2. let’s go in a cave and have some stuff make a bunch of noises. be sure to give undivided attention to the machines emitting those goofy noises because it gives the impression that you actually know what the fuck it is that is happening, that you have control of it. sit indian style too, grow a beard like some kinda elder statesman…try to look condesending for added effect. oh yeah, do all of this in some preposterous place. follow it up with a video recorded post on Synthtopia to show what kinda balls you really have. follow it up with an a-hole like me posting some cocky stuff to really give it some street cred.

  3. the lengths people go to get noticed. takes no musical account or consideration nor explores his surroundings to any effect other than a preposterous and pretentious video

  4. …what is wrong about playing stuff you like (in a cave, or elsewhere)?
    I don´t understand those comments that get upset about that jam.

    what is wrong when people do what they like?

    If YOU don´t like it….do something better with YOUR time than posting comments on something you don´t like…

  5. I’m a fan of the cave. But this kind of music has to be tended to responsible, what with working with so many frequencies. There is no cohesion to what he’s doing. What a great opportunity to play somewhere so beautiful with such amazing reverb. Next time an even like that happens, try asking someone who can wield frequencies like : sanso-xtro ( Melissa Agate )

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