Mixvibes Updates RemixLive for Android With Finger Drumming & More

Mixvibes has released RemixLive for Android – an update that they say brings finger drumming to all Android devices.

They also say they’ve optimize it to work around the higher latency of some Android devices:

This update takes advantage of a new quantize parameter: even with device latency, you can play right on time. Newly created patterns can also be snapped to the closest beat mark and played back as perfect-sounding loops. This, added to low-latency optimization, offers a smooth and effortless finger-drumming experience across all Android devices.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Finger drumming mode
    • New “Drum” grid with percussion and note samples.
    • Pattern recording — with overdub & metronome.
    • Link (grouped triggering) & Shock (exclusive triggering) features.
    • Route each pad to a mixer line — with its associated color.
  • Pro-sounding samples
    • Grid: 24 pads on mobile, 48 on phablets & tablets.
    • 96 samples per pack: 48 loops/FX and 48 drum/note samples.
    • 40+ sample packs, including artist packs by Carl Cox & DJ Vadim, among others.
    • Colored pads: 16 colors to customize your grid.
  • Import/Export
    • Import your own samples in WAV, MP3, AAC, Ogg & MP4.
    • Export & import packs between devices.
    • Record your performance in high-quality M4A format.
    • Share your recordings via email & SoundCloud.
  • Control everything in real time
    • Live BPM control & Tap Tempo.
    • Play in sync with any Ableton Link-compatible app.
    • 6 live-controllable FX (Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb,etc.).
    • 6 Beat repeat pads from 1/16th to 2 bars.
  • Complete remix toolbox
    • Full-fledged mixer: EQs, levels, filters & Mute/Solo on each channel.
    • Edit each sample’s Play mode, Quantize, Gain, Pan & Loop Division.
    • Advanced sample editor: ADSR envelope, Transpose & Reverse.
    • Record any sound or voice through the mic

Pricing and Availability

Remixlive is a free download for iOS and Android. Some features and additional content are available as In-App purchases.

2 thoughts on “Mixvibes Updates RemixLive for Android With Finger Drumming & More

  1. looks like android is starting to get some support
    nice because it cheaper that way, (in case you want to get the kids involved in a jam session)

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