11 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With Teenage Engineering

  1. dull- Dull- dUll- duLl- dulL- DulL- dULl- DuLl- duLL- DUll- DuLL- DULl- DULL- in so many same-same ways. And no “girl with no eyes.”

  2. The still-frame for the 2nd video shows a person back-lit, mid-blink. It’s kind of arty, maybe a little scary. Ok, I’ll watch these now.

  3. He wasn’t over-prepared. Seemed like he was just talking pretty sincerely about the company. I found both videos pretty interesting.

    At the end of the first video, he was talking about not making compromises to build-quality or cosmetics. At first, that seemed a little strange. I was just thinking you would prioritize functionality and build-quality, then cosmetics would be a lower concern. But clearly cosmetics are an important factor for TE. Apple has shown that when they strip away features and connectors so they can meet new thinness goals.

    It was an interesting choice to make the pocket things without cases. They did that in a pretty clever way. Not my cup of tea, but I get why they are cool.

  4. put a sample chop shop inside the OP-1 for Petes sake, more sample editing features, and more modulation fx…. me not care bout no ting else!!!

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