The Sound Design Of Rogue One

This video, via SOS, takes a look at the sound design of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The video is short on examples, but gives the sound designers, foley artists and sound editors a lot of time to explain their work on the latest Start Wars film.

Video Summary:

Rogue One’s gritty, war film aesthetic is a real departure for the Star Wars franchise, and this realism is born out in the sound design. We visited the iconic Skywalker Sound to talk to Supervising Sound Editors Christopher Scarabosio and Matthew Wood about world creation, making sci-fi weapons sound realistic, and how some unexpected sampling brought K-2SO — the film’s sardonic and loveable droid — to life!

We also discover the secrets of Foley artist Ronni Brown and Foley Mixer Frank Aglieri-Rinella who reveal how they made the Rogue One stormtroopers sound more menacing.

4 thoughts on “The Sound Design Of Rogue One

  1. Interesting conversation. However, there were loads of times where they described something clever or wonderful in the sound, but gave very few vague examples.

    At the end, they said, if you want to hear examples of what was described “Go buy the DVD.” That’s understandable. I think this conversation (sans examples) was more interesting for sound-designers, aspiring sound-designers, and Star Wars fans– and not the greatest introduction to sound design.

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