Arturia MatrixBrute Updated With Realtime Recording, Matrix Arpeggiator & More

Arturia today announced a firmware update to the MatrixBrute, its flagship analog synthesizer.

The update adds real-time recording, a Matrix-arpeggiator,  preset knob position indication and more.

Here’s what’s new in MatrixBrute Firmware Update 1.1:

  • Real-Time Recording – Set the length of your sequence, press the Record and Play buttons in sequencer mode and real-time mode records the notes you play.
    • Holding a note during several steps automatically ties them, while playing a note with a high velocity records an accent on the step.
    • The real-time mode also lets you record the modulation track live, using the Modulation Amount knob.
  • Matrix Arpeggiator – Simultaneously press the Arpeggiator and Sequencer buttons to access the Matrix Arpeggiator. The Matrix Arpeggiator offers up to 16 steps, each represented by a column of the Matrix, and arpeggiated chords of up to 4 notes.
    • The four top rows work just like in standard sequencer mode for these 16 steps. The lower part can be divided in three groups of 4 rows. Each group represents an octave from -1 to +1 and the 4 rows within each of them symbolize the 4 notes of the chord you play on the keyboard.
    • This way you can set which of the four notes of your chord will be played and on which octave for each step. Activating the Key Hold mode and playing different chords will allow you to create on the fly complex progressions while keeping a very consistent rhythm and melody.
  • Transposing Pitch CV outputs – transpose the 0V-related note for the Pitch Outputs using the Arturia MIDI Control Center.
  • Other improvements:
    • The MatrixBrute now has an available clock resolution, ensuring the compatibility with Korg instruments.
    • Improved Autotune.
    • The loading of presets is now quicker and does not generate “pops” anymore…

See the Arturia site for details.

12 thoughts on “Arturia MatrixBrute Updated With Realtime Recording, Matrix Arpeggiator & More

  1. I surprisingly had a lot of fun with this when I played with one. Can’t say that for a lot synths currently out on the market.

    1. The more I hear about the MatrixBrute, the more that I think it’s one of the most interesting new synths in a long time.

      Moog has been pretty conservative with their new monosynth designs, and Korg has been focusing on reissues and budget gear.

      Dave Smith’s Pro 2 is a great new monosynth, but the MatrixBrure is more interesting to me because Arturia’s doing a lot to make this a fun hands-on synth, with a lot of power that’s not buried in menus.

      1. between voyager, modal 001, pro 2 and matrixbrute there is no “better”. they are all outstanding hands on synths. just check out before if the sounds suits your music and taste. i think, that’s the main difference, long before the question if it has a sequencer on board or not. those things are nice, but secondary.
        if a voyager suits best, then who cares if it has a sequencer or not. And if you prefer the things you can do with digi osc on the modal or the pro 2, then these are better than the best analog synth for you.

        but i agree, the Matrixbrute you can instantly fall in love with first time you play it.

        1. > if it has a sequencer on board or not. those things are nice, but secondary.

          This has a full fledged Matrisequencer, originally invented by Jean-Michel Jarre and built by Michel Geiss. Direct manipulation of the sequence in this way is not secondary at all but primary. The sequencer as instrument, not as add on. And integrated tightly. This is a huge big deal.

          1. 100% agreed. i just wanted to say that sound character might be the first thing to look for, then all the great features. i got a Matrixbrute and love it. Very much.

  2. I think a few of these items were responses to specific reviewers. Good for Arturia. As I hinted at on Reddit earlier, all my zeal for a Sub 37 or a Deep Mind is currently sapped. I think I want this.

    1. I *LOVE* my MatrixBrute synth. The range of sounds you can make with this is brilliant. One moment it can be a sweet, well behaved instrument – the next it can be a very naughty child, one that eats all the cakes, pours washing up liquid into the toaster and fires their catapult at windows… Lovely.

      Looking forward to updating it with the new firmware tonight.

  3. I hope I have a chance to play one one day. It certainly has a sound different from other offerings and I really like my Minibrute.

  4. Played one for over an hour a couple weeks ago. Built like a tank. Looks beautiful and sounds are well…Stunning. So much control over so very much – all at your fingertips. Big win for Arturia. If I had the cash I’d get one today.

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