Korg Minilogue Gets New iPad Patch Editor & Librarian

Developer Chadwick Wood let us know that he’s updated his iPad patch editor, Patch Base, to support the Korg Minilogue.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Now you can visualize any patch on your Minilogue, as well as edit all synth and sequencer parameters. Fetch patches from your synth, create new patches from an init patch, or create random patches to discover new sounds. And as always, you can store your entire patch library on your iPad, and organize it into folders.

The top half of the editor shows all of the synth’s voice parameters, while the bottom half gives controls for editing both notes and motion sequencing data, complete with copy, paste, randomization, and initialization functions. You can create your own sequences in the editor itself, or use it to perfect a sequence you recorded while playing the Minilogue itself.

The top 4 rows of the editor give access to all the voice parameters of the Minilogue, including some parameters that are only accessible via menu diving on the synth itself.

The bottom 5 rows of the editor give you full access to the Minilogue’s step and motion sequencers. You can edit up to 4 separate notes per step, and 4 different motion-sequenced parameters. You can also initialize, randomize, copy, and paste sequence data.

Pricing and Availability

The Patch Base app is a free download, but support for specific synthesizers is unlocked via In-App purchases, which are $19.99/synth.

If you’ve used Patch Base with the Minilogue, leave a comment and share how it works for you!

15 thoughts on “Korg Minilogue Gets New iPad Patch Editor & Librarian

  1. Alternatively you could buy Duet for ten bucks and use your iPad to touch-control the Minilogue with the free VST editor that was recently released. It works with every other plugin as well. Does not support multitouch though.

  2. Korg should make a synth similar to the Minilogue with full size keys and four oscillators.

    They could call it the Mono/Poly Part Deux

    1. if they do the effort then min 6 voices please with 37-49 full size keys (37 full size with argument of portability) . Oh and make Gadget for mac affordable. I already have it on my ipad. I will pass the Mac version as it is now. Thats the exact opposite affordability philosophy that that of the Minilogue

  3. Ok I checked it out. Yeahhhhh ….. I don’t know .. I bet there are lots of us that bought their Minilogues to kinda getaway from editing our synths on a computer screen or iPad. I’m an old guy, been playing synths since 1978, the allure of the modern analog synth for me is not sound, I can duplicate all my real world counterpart analog synths with my VST’s, Kontakt samples, etc., but its getting back to that 70/80’s knob twisting workflow vibe. I’ll be passing on this.

    1. My thoughts exactly. This is exactly why you buy a synth with lots of knobs. The immediacy of programming a synth with knobs feels so much better even than virtual knobs on an iPad. It just feels right. Of course I’m old school…my first synth was a Micromoog (still have it around). I’m pining for a Sub37, but I messed around with a Minilogue last week and was pretty impressed, especially for around $500.

      1. @Graham Micromoog Cool! Remember its ribbon strip well. My first was a Minimoog in 1978. Having a bunch of physical knobs to turn also helps keep our arthritus in check 😀

    2. Yuuuup! Well said. I started off only using computers/VSTs in 2003 to write music when I bought my first computer. But then I started getting this itch for the real gear. I like the tactile feeling of moving knobs and sliders. I needed a new workflow and hardware seems to have been the way to go! I’ve become a collector of sorts because of it TBH.

  4. Awesome month for Minilogue owners! I was excited to know that Ultimate Patches has released a new patch collection for the Korg Minilogue synthesiser. Have a good day!

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