Retronyms Intros Looperverse Multitrack Loop Recorder & Companion Wireless Pedal Controller

Retronyms today released Looperverse, described as “the ultimate loop recording/performance system for iOS”.

It’s the result of a multi year collaboration between Retronyms and Cycling ’74, makers of MAX/MSP. The system features multi-channel looping app for iOS and a companion wireless pedal controller. 

Looperverse combines standard looping workflow with powerful multitouch editing features. You can continuously record up to 16 tracks and immediately edit them. You can adjust track sends to the built-in delay and reverb effects, as well as adjusting pan, gain, mute, and solo in the mixer.

Looperverse also offers advanced waveform editing, pitch shifting, time stretching, live reverse, extensive undo/redo, and time signature support.

The Looperverse Pedal is a smart pedal designed to integrate with the Looperverse app.

The pedal provides 6 witches pre-mapped to undo, redo, clear, tap tempo, record, and playback. Each setting is fully customizable, so you can remap to your liking. It can be controlled from your iOS devices and will also work as a standalone pedal with any device that supports MIDI.

The pedal supports the Bluetooth (BTLE) MIDI standard and it’s compatible with virtually any software on any device. You can control Looperverse from external hardware and remap to their liking with MIDI and MIDI Learn support.

App Features:

  • Advanced 16 track loop recorder
  • Time stretching and pitch shifting for scenes, tracks, and segments
  • Delay and reverb send effects
  • Built in mixer with pan, gain, mute, and solo
  • Advanced waveform editing
  • Snap to grid or transient for extensive editing
  • Advanced time signature support
  • Tap tempo
  • Stem export for DAWs
  • Reverse songs or musical segments in real time while recording or playing back
  • Extensive undo/redo
  • Audio triggered record
  • Play scene with keyboard
  • IAA, Audiobus and Ableton Link support
  • MIDI and MIDI learn support
  • AudioCopy and AudioPaste support

Pedal Features:

  • Powder-coated aluminum enclosure
  • Low latency Bluetooth MIDI interface
  • Six steel switches
  • Pre-mapped and fully customizable

Pricing and Availability

Looperverse is available now in the App Store for US $9.99. Looperverse pedals are available for purchase directly from the Retronyms site. If you buy the pedal, the app is available as a free download.

If you’ve used Looperverse, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

8 thoughts on “Retronyms Intros Looperverse Multitrack Loop Recorder & Companion Wireless Pedal Controller

  1. I purchased this expecting all the basics from other loopers to be covered.
    I was disappointed to find that clips can not be set to loop at different bars,if you want a part to loop throughout the scene that is fewer bars you must duplicate it on the clip line.
    No 2 bar drum loop with 8 bar guitar on the fly.
    Also when in edit mode you can only select one section of a clip at a time,so it seems you can not delete 3 parts of a 5 part clip all at once.
    I’m a little disappointed
    If I’m wrong and just missing something please let me know.
    It seems to me if you are going to create a looper and call it ” the ultimate loop recorder” you would start by having at least the features that have been available on your competitors loopers for quite some time as in Loopy HD or even more recently with Quantiloop.

    1. I agree, it’s definitely not ‘the ultimate looper’ and you’re not wrong about the different bar lengths.

      I recently purchased Quantiloop which has much better looper functionality than this app. Maybe they’ll be building towards more functionality like this but this is Retronyms – drop an app then run!

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