Isotonik Intros Circuit Editor Pro Standalone Version

Isotonik has released a standalone version of the Circuit Editor Pro, which was previously available as a AU/VST version for use in your DAW software.

In addition to the standalone version, they’ve added Session Randomization and the ability to save Session Presets in the Editor. A new Audition Mode allows you to audition patch presets directly from the browser, and then load them into your Circuit Bank. And you can drag & drop presets to arrange them in the order you want.

Pricing and Availability

The new version is available now for £25.00.

2 thoughts on “Isotonik Intros Circuit Editor Pro Standalone Version

  1. I don’t understand. There was always a stand alone version that wasn’t a vst. Just seems like an excuse for Isotonik to charge me for the same product a third time. I’ll wait for an iPad version. If it doesn’t come. I’m selling my circuit

    1. The standalone version was based on Max, this is a universal VST platform and has further features that will not be coming to the Entry Level PRO Editor. As explained on the website we wanted to leave an affordable option….

      Not sure how we could’ve charged you a third time, but please get in touch through the website contact option?

      IOS version is currently in development.

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