Goliath Lets You Control Up To 16 MIDI Parameters With One Knob

Gibbon Digital has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Goliath – a new MIDI controller that lets you take control of up to 16 parameters at once, with one encoder.

This lets you morph continuously between two sounds, creating complex changes live with a synth or controlling multiple plugin parameters at once.


  • MIDI learn
  • Standalone operation
  • Control multiple MIDI CCs at once
  • MIDI CCs randomization
  • Random notes generator
  • Battery powered (9VDC, battery not included)

Pricing and Availability

The Goliath is available to project backers starting at 69 Euro, with units expected to ship in early May, 2017.

8 thoughts on “Goliath Lets You Control Up To 16 MIDI Parameters With One Knob

  1. I get that this is a hardware solution, but with something like Bitwig you could have ANY knob/slider/controller send an infinite amount of midi signals in extremely complex ways. No CV? I don’t get it.

    1. yeah same with ableton. u can also set the max, min, and invert. this thing seams way to limited. it would maybe be useful if it you could set the max, min, and invert of the signal.

  2. The kickstarter page didn’t show much in the way of details. Does it do both MIDI CC and sysex messages? Does it have presets, so you can control preset batches of CC’s per use? Or do you have to have it learn every time?

    On one hand, I can see how this is useful. On the other hand, with a little extra prep work, it seems like this functionality could be gotten by other means. (Like using MIDI Designer on iOS, or programming a hardware controller like a BCR2000).

    But it is a nice tiny task-specific device.

    1. That link ends up leading you back to Gibbon Digital’s version which is “coming soon”. Perhaps there was an older version that is now being kickstarted for a 2.0 version?

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