Native Instruments Releases ‘Elastic Thump’ Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments has introduced Elastic Thump, a new Maschine Expansion. described as ‘a modern, melodic take on future funk’.

Elastic Thump runs in the latest version of Maschine software on the entire Maschine hardware family.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Featuring sounds lovingly recorded from the Roland Juno 106, Moog Minitaur, and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, ELASTIC THUMP oozes with analog butteriness, while the Fender Precision bass guitar, Fender Rhodes 73 keyboard, and a variety of vintage drums add a sheen of dust to the sound. And with 120 MASCHINE Drum Synths crafted by LA-based sound designers MSXII, users can shape and design their own signature beats.

Perfect for producers who want to create tracks that satisfy beat-loving head nodders and shuffling club kids in equal measure, ELASTIC THUMP was inspired by artists artists like Kaytranada, Anderson .PAAK, Mr. Carmack, Lakim, Dâm-Funk, and GoldLink.

Pricing and Availability

Elastic Thump is available now at the NI Online Shop for $49 / 49 € / £44 / ¥ 6,280 / AU$ 79 and runs in the Maschine 2 software.

The iMaschine expansion is available as an in-app purchase for $0.99 / 0,99 € / £0.79 / ¥ 120 / AU$ 1.29

10 thoughts on “Native Instruments Releases ‘Elastic Thump’ Maschine Expansion

  1. its a straight up disgrace that they keep spouting these packs yet none of their software is retina friendly and maschine sequencer is in limbo.

    im an idiot for paying for upgrading to 2.0
    really have to wonder what the hell are they spending their resources on.
    after it took ages to do a rewrite of the whole maschine software, they are taking their sweet time with the arranger/song mode.

    NI is one of those companies i will sure think twice before giving them a dime.

    1. Been complaining about Maschine sooo much on the NI forums. Haven’t been there for ages now, it’s so funny how NI fucked this up and doesn’t fix – now they are just releasing more and more expansions hahahah

      1. preach. every time i fire it up its, oh right u cant do this, cant do that. they were quick enough to shove out more controllers and push look alikes though.

        sad really, since maschine broke new ground and was way ahead of the pack.
        no idea what happened to them.

  2. I’ve been using Maschine since 2011 on a Windows laptop and I’m currently running 2.0. I use it as a sketch pad or as a utility within Ableton and it’s been great, especially since I don’t find Ableton a very inspiring platform for chopping samples and coming up with ideas quickly.

    Seems like people always have a lot of hate to spew at NI, but it often seems to me that they are expecting Maschine to be a DAW, which it just isnt. It’s basically a modern MPC jazzed up with software which can literally run inside your FAW.

    These expansions are pretty cool – I have several and the samples are usually very solid and inspiring. You may like some expansions, you may not like others, but they’re great integrated sample packs, essentially.

    Not sure where all the hate is coming from ????

  3. Modern jazzed up mpc huh?…
    you can’t even record mutes and solos, no tempo changes, not time signature changes and that’s just the tippy top of the iceberg, the only way that could be modern or jazzed up is if we are going backwards in time…… all of the mpcs which are older than our parents can do these things and it has nothing to do with them being a daw because they are not.

    1. pretty much this. it bothers me that people are using “not a daw” argument to defend the lack of basic features.

  4. I’m not really interested in this expansion, but regularly invest in NI’s expansions (both for Maschine MKI and iMaschine) and the Maschine platform has been incredibly useful to me, I use it for 85% of my composing workflow (Logic is the other 15%.) Maschine is definitely not broken, and NI has released regular, useful updates that improves the utility of this platform since 1.0 when I started using it. I love starting projects on my iPhone on the subway here in NYC, composing on my daily commute to and from my job as an audio engineer, and then flawlessly opening them up at home to work on. I understand that Maschine is not for everyone, and that I might have some features available to me if I was on some other platform- but I really don’t care. Maschine is way more powerful than I am creative- so I doubt I will ever outgrow it.

  5. Oh, finally someone made a sample pack for me! I rarely comment here, but I was looking for something to shape and design my own signature beats (with a modern, melodic take on future funk if possible), and this quite seems to do the trick!

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