Novation Intros Components Standalone For Circuit

Novation let us know about another update for Circuit owners – Components Standalone.

Components Standalone lets Circuit owners access all of the features of the Components software, without needing to login or to have an active Internet connection.

“This was one of our most requested features,” they note, “and we have given Circuit users exactly what they asked for.”

Here’s the official intro video:

Other new features:

  • Easier navigation, making it quicker to navigate to the area you’re looking for.
  • Sounds can now be cleared in to a trash folder, which empties after 14 days.
  • Pad colours and texts are easier to make out, and the buttons above the grid have been changed to ‘Save to cloud’, ‘Save to desktop’ and ‘Send to Circuit’.

If you have registered Novation hardware, you can access Components Standalone by signing in to your Novation accounts. See the Novation site for more info.



12 thoughts on “Novation Intros Components Standalone For Circuit

    1. How? 99% of the time, it’s a pain to install things that don’t need to be high performing. It’s a pretty great convenience to get free cloud storage and not need to deal with software updates (not including firmware updates). The only downside is not being able to manage your circuit on the go without a wi-fi hotspot or something.

      1. Not every apps needs to be installed. Portable apps just need to be downloaded and then you can simply run them, and they do not require an active internet connection.

      2. Web apps have built-in obsolescence, because you know that the company will only support it while they’re making money off the gear.

  1. Yeah ….. I mean what happens when we get hit with an EMP attack .. those web based apps become useless .. oh wait .. it all becomes useless (note to self:Get strings for accoustic guitars)

  2. This requires creating an account and registering hardware…
    Reminds me of the evil Native Instruments registration system and the frustrations of having purchased secondhand hardware that cannot be registered.
    Why cant it just be a simple download.

    1. I have one. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner. It’s like a studio Swiss Army knife. Not only is it a fun standalone device (batteries!), but it’s a fun sequencer. I have mine sequencing a Volca FM and a Monologue. I loaded up the sampler tracks with a few drum hits and some NASA radio transmissions.

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