Sound Design With The Novation Peak Synthesizer

Synthesist Cuckoo share this video, exploring sound design with the new Novation Peak synthesizer.

The Novation Peak is an eight-voice desktop polyphonic synthesizer with a hybrid analog/digital architecture. It features three oscillators per voice, which use a new Numerically-Controlled Oscillator (NCO) design and 17 digital wavetables; a resonant multi-mode analog filter for each voice, and three distortion points in its analog signal chain.

For more information on Peak, see the Novation site.

11 thoughts on “Sound Design With The Novation Peak Synthesizer

  1. It has a very nice tone, but there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly unique or inspiring about the Peak. It does appear rather limited in its sonic range. The Supernova is a far more interesting synthesizer despite its lower quality components and lack of analogue filter section. I really wish they’d just made a Supernova with analogue filters (and a more up-to-date FX section).

    1. I bought one of the first bass stations back in the day. One of my favourite synths to this day is my Novation KS Rack.Good on Novation and I hope soon they will be making a multi timbral digital again.I have some very nice equipment but all in all for me the KS Rack is the synth. The desktop format is great to see in synths.Rack gear I hope will be the next in vogue thing.

    2. Not only lack of analogue filter, but lack of analogue anything. The Supernova is an outdated synth by todays standards that can’t keep up with with the modern Virtual Analogue vst’s/synths, and it’s a mile away from analogues and hybrids such as the peak. The Supernova haa a rep for being bland in tone, I fail to see how it’s more interesting

  2. the oscillators sounds quite clinical, it would have been nice to have maybe 1 vco per voice plus a couple of the digital oscillators. the architecture seems very powerful, but it all sounds a bit lacking in character. the distortion sounds a bit farty.

    1. Probably one of the most competent and also entertaining synth guy out there. Helped a lot when trying to figure out how to use Analog RYTM

  3. Kinda like an updated Korg EX-8000 …with knobs…

    …but for a 1400-somethng desktop module this thing is rather boooooring …analog filter notwithstanding…

  4. it sounds very clean I expected more strength and character in its sounds. but i think that is a good solution to melodic sounds.

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