Control Ableton’s Session View With An Apple Watch

Launch Buttons, a free app that lets you use your iOS/Android device like a LaunchPad-type MIDI Controller for Ableton Live, now allows you to to launch clips from the Apple Watch.

Bio break anyone? 

Because a few dozen buttons wouldn’t fit on the tiny display, the Apple Watch shows a 3×3 clip grid along with 3 scene launch buttons and 4 arrow keys to navigate through your set.

Launch Buttons is a free download. See the developer’s site for details.

10 thoughts on “Control Ableton’s Session View With An Apple Watch

  1. oh boy, more of the same old loop-d-loop crappola…this joins the hour-long sets on utube of the same ilk. zero memorability. can you remember any of this type of loopy crap down the road? could you remember a Depeche Mode song, once again, down the road? I bet you could the later, I also bet you could hum or whistle the tune too.
    another thing: why does Live always sound tinny/thin?
    I guess it is all the by-product of the democrazation of music, particularly the electronic type. ios apps for pennies, or for an add-on scheme or two. supply some loops by the industy’s top “producers” and all the clowns are now djs.
    I am sorry for this rant but ladies and gentlemen, anything can be looped to oblivion and sound like “music”…shit, anything that oscillates. yeah, I know, it is all relative/subjective.
    where is my shit, seeing as I can certainly talk the shit…it’s a comin’. (been saying that for years :b)

    1. I don’t know where all this negativity comes from but if you are going to complain about music, at least complain about all that Pop and autotune crap that the kids today are listening to. No one wants to rave to 3-minute-tracks with sudden BPM-changes between them but I think I don’t need to explain this to you as you don’t seem to understand the concept of different music genres for different purposes. If you had ever taken a step into a club in real life you’d know what I am talking about.

      And saying that “Live” has a thin sound just shows that you’ve probably never touched a DAW before. If you get thin sound out of Live then the problem probably sits in front of your computer.


  2. wow, thanks for the reality check…talk about negativity…and me complaining, little boy you should get out and maybe catch a flick, Fast and Furious your style?
    you deserve a Skillrex tic or two (if you had someone to go with, that might be questionable)


    1. What is wrong with you man you seem to be seriously confused and I am starting to feel sorry about you now. Well anyway, the point of the video was to demo an app, it wasn’t about the music in first instance. Synthtopia also posts about music releases but people who can read can usually tell by the post whether it is about music or about a product. In this case, it was about a MIDI controller (the latter) and not about the music. I am telling you this because now, after your second comment, I am very certain that you couldn’t figure that out on your own.

      And if that doesn’t blow your mind I can give you some in-depth knowledge on MIDI controllers: they don’t make sounds on their own, you can use them for almost everything, even Depeche Mode tunes! Sorry if that was too much to process at once but I thought I should let you know.


  3. ME-OW!! Woke up on the wrong side, did we today Raggio?

    I guess some people just love to hate. (even a staunch Depeche Mode fan) LOL

    I’m not a fan of “finger drumming, loop-music, or Skrillex”, but I’m not going to waste my time with negativity about a certain type/genre/style of music.

    Oh, and I think the idea of being able to use an apple watch to launch clips (or trigger sounds) in Ableton Live is very innovative, and may be extremely useful for some… Great article!

  4. Alex, it is going nowhere with you…let me be in peace and go back to sequencing with Logic as I have for 20 years (I am too old for this shit) & programming my K2500…a pre-Tiesto piece of gear that used Zip disks to store data via SCSI…move along and worry about your cloud storage, the inner mysteries of controllerism, & current dance club trends featuring Kei$ha

    You Win

    Alex in all seriousness, and I mean this, have a good day.

    1. I’m glad we got this settled but I gotta give those Fast and Furious, “Skillrex” and Keisha tickets back to you, I don’t enjoy/know any of them.

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