Positive Grid Intros X Drummer For iOS

Positive Grid has introduced X Drummer, a virtual musician that uses artificial intelligence to create realistic drum performances.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

X Drummer lets you play, write, and rehearse with a virtual drummer, powered by the latest AI technology and deep machine learning. It works like magic; AI Drums listens to your guitar pattern and sorts out a matched drum pattern that best suits your compositions. Just tap to record and the app will learn and play the right drum pattern.

Our super intuitive browser and drum track editor lets you easily search and preview drum grooves matched with your music. With a simple tap of your finger you can easily arrange and edit your drum track in a seconds.

Change any and every drum component.X Drummer let’s you edit the basic parts of the kit, like the drum head and damping ring. You can go into deeper drum customization by changing the individual instrument options such as pitch, attack and resonance. In addition to designing your drum sound, you can also design the look and feel of your drum kit to make it as unique as your sound.


  • Intuitive Browser and drum track editor
  • Audio file export
  • Advanced search function to sort out your drum groove in a second
  • Hundreds of onboard drum grooves
  • Drum sound customization to design your drum sound
  • AI Drum to learn your guitar and feedback matched drum track

Pricing and Availability

X Drummer is available for US $19.99.

If you’ve used X Drummer, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it.

5 thoughts on “Positive Grid Intros X Drummer For iOS

  1. It has 100’s of drum grooves, listens to your guitar track and chooses one of them to match what you play? And it does this with “artificial intelligence”?

    This differs from GarageBand’s virtual drummers that just generate grooves based on user preference.

    I can see how this could be useful for a beginning songwriter. The ability to tailor your own kit looks pretty extensive. That’s kind of nice. It’ll be interesting to see the detailed tutorials/demos.

  2. On an (admittedly old) first gen iPad Air, this app is very unstable and doesn’t appear to respond to the learn mode in any meaningful way. It doesn’t even manage to match tempo. The UI is stripped down to the point of being unintelligible and there is nothing in the way of documentation. At this point, I can’t tell whether this is an app with a few flaws and lots of potential or a gimmicky scam. Typically I would reserve judgement and “RTFM”, but in this case there is no “FM”. It seems to me that Positive Grid rushed this out and botched the launch. I hope they haven’t actually botched the app; jury is still out.

  3. Any potential purchasers would do well to check out the first impressions by users on the Audiobus forum. This was released some time ago (cheaper apparently) and got really bad reviews from knowledgeable musicians. A shame because I like their Bias stuff.

  4. I tried a version ages ago (can’t remember where i got it) but i didn’t get on with it.
    Asking price is steep.
    Yes i know it doesn’t cost 200 like the inflated price of windies or mac versions but in ios terms that asking price is reserved for better synths and music apps.

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